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Gloves for Carpal Tunnel - back2work

Posted: Apr 15, 2012

Fourth time I've tried to send this post. Apparently it only works in text mode - not rich text mode. I'm trying to identify the fingerless gloves that have 2 wrist pads to protect the median nerve. Does anyone know the name of these gloves??? Thanks!

Yes, I do - SoftFlex gloves

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here's their website:

Love mine, have two pairs.

soft flex gloves - jngi

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I have been using them for years, actually don't like to work without them.

When it was time to order new ones, I ordered ones that were too small, called them and they sent out a different size before I even sent my too small size back.

You'll love them!

Question on the gloves - JW

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I have tendinitis in my left wrist and thumb. Would these gloves help to keep the inflammation down? I also use an ergo keyboard.
gloves - jngi
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Not sure about the inflammation, but could relieve the pain. Their site says 3-day money back guarantee. I use an ergo keyboard as well. Can't type on narrow straight keyboard at all. Good luck.

I use these - helps my thumbs tremendously - sm

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SoftFlex Gloves - Back2Work

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Thanks so much, everyone who responded! I really appreciate it. I found them and placed an order. I used these years ago but hadn't needed them for editing. I also love these gloves, just couldn't remember the name and there are cheap lookalikes out there now that almost fooled me. Good thing I checked in here! :o)

happy note to anyone considering softflex -- - sm

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Since these gloves are not mass-produced, but sewn by seamstresses (sp?), if the one size is too small and the next size up is too big, they can even give you an inbetween size (like they did for me). Great company to work with!!

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