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frustrated with "secret" starting pay - cathybmt

Posted: Apr 29, 2012

I find myself "shopping" for another MT company and have really had it with the "competative pay" rather than just coming right out and telling what they start their MT's at - anyone else?

I really want this amount listed as some applications/tests are just not worth my time.  I have 15 years of experience to offer these people and am tired of being treated as a begger when I ask their pay scale before wasting my time.

I would love it if all of us working now would just post our cpl or report pay on an entry level, listing it first by company name.


Landmark - 8 cpl straight typing

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I'll bite.

Unfortunately some companies offer different rates - AnonToo

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For the same tier and experience. For example I was offered 0.5 more per line straight typing and 0.5 (I think it might have been 0.7) than another friend who got the same tier, same shift, and same company within 2-3 days of each other of interviewing and SAME interviewer.

ITA I won't bother sending my resume if/when I was searching to someone that didn't list their rates (unless I knew ahead of time via another transcriptionist) or offered less than 0.8 a line for training rates. It's crazy.

Nuance..... 0.815 straight and 0.413 editing - - me2

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Ditto - Nuance - 0.815 straight and 0.413 editing - NuanceMT

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Nm but have a great day!

Depends on account - Not all accounts are the same

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Some accounts within the same company also have different pay rates depending on what the account itself is willing to pay for. Do they want someone with more experience and are willing to pay for it? Some times. Do they only want the bare minimum and are only willin to pay that? Some times.

There's no one flat rate any more, although 8 cpl is the most common one.

If I may presume, I think she just wants a - general idea, not spot on

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I think it would help if we all saw some of these rates. Knowledge is power. We are in the dark with so much of our job as it is.
OHhh so this is all just mtso exposure a power play...I get it. - lol tsk tsk tsk
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y'all went from good cause to just plain dirty politics.

StenTel - 5.5-6 cpl - Justmemt

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They start you out at 5.5 and then raise you to 6 once the QA decides you're worthy enough - like 6 is a big jump to be thrilled about. What a joke.

That is straight typing btw - Meagain

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R.C. Transcription Services - 5 cpl straight typing - MT

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Thomas Transcription - 5 cpl straight typing - MT

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Seriously. The one owned by Dee Thomas.

Whoa...I remember - LeavingMT

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Seeing an ad a few times here for 0.03 a line straight typing too. I would hope even a newbie would realize that's like what $50 a day max?

this is an important thread and long overdue - incognito

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Let's bust this secrecy wide open. Enough is enough. Fed up with the hoop-jumping only to find out they offer crappy pay.

that's all it is, isn't it? another chance to blow up the MTSOS - but you gave yourselves away. NM

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another game. not even a real original poster. well, not playing.

No comprende, amigo. - incognito

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If you don't want to tell your cpl, you don't have to.

This information is always held until after we have traversed the gauntlet of applying for a job. This is a legitimate interest for some of us.

Please explain what the harm is in divulging this information? I don't understand you at all.

I refuse to apply for any job that doesn't post what - it pays for both typing & VR. SM

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Maybe if everyone stopped applying to these places that aren't up-front about their cpl pay, it would force them to start being a little more transparent. It's like these guys always have something to hide.

It's because ..... - anon

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if everybody knew ahead of time what their line rates were, nobody would apply so they hold the line rate hostage until they suck people into their process, make them jump through hoops, and then the applicant feels they have already invested so much into the "process" already, they take the position. just another game.
Not just MT - LeavingMT
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My husband goes through head hunters whenever he has searched for jobs. The last time he was submitted with his salary range to the place and they accepted him for an interview. He was offered the job for $30K less than his lowest asking salary range! His head hunter told him this was uncommon in her experience, but it makes me wonder because it has always been my experience with MT and maybe it's becoming the new norm. Oh he said no to the job. We both figured first of all that's a slap in the face, but KNOWINGLY accepting someone for an interview with his skill set and expecting to pay him that much less, made us both wonder what else they lie and skimp on.
I'm pretty sure MTSOs don't bother using headhunters. - Its pretty obvious by what they hire to manage.
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TransformMT - MT

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0.4 editing on M*Modal/MTEditor platform and 0.8 cents typing. They have several categories to get bonuses, and there is a spreadsheet you can log into to find out where you are at, but won't be most accurate until last day of pay period. They do pay for training, one pay period, at 10 cents per line. The daily line count is 1250, and your ability to make that depends on all the variables we know so well. You have to keep track of all your breaks and lunch, and keep a timesheet, ins and outs, otherwise they will be on your back if it looks like you made less than minimum wage.

TransformMT - MT2

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Not at ALL my experience with Transform. Pay is higher and lines are higher. No one bothers me.

Post YOUR pay then.....point of this. - mt2

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my pay - is nunya
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My pay is no one's business but my own. I make more than the poster posted.

Again, you're not going to get the happy, well-paid MTs to post here because there's a reason they make more money, just like the ones who make less there's a reason.
TransformMT - ay
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I, too, make more than the previous poster. There are variables on top of the base rate. Too complicated to list.

You didn't - post your

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line rate. All you said was "pay is higher and lines are higher. What rate are you getting? And you daily line requirement is higher? It would be helpful for others to know. Did you negotiate a higher rate of pay? They offered it at hire? Or what?
Because I made the mistake of using a different "name"... - mt2
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I use MT2 and NuanceMT - so I did post - 0.413 and 0.815 VR and Straight. So far, Nuance pays the best, which sucks because not a fan.
I beg 2 differ - Nuance does not pay the best. - sm
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My company is not listed here, as well as a couple others I can think of that pay more.

I will say I make more than 0.413 cpl for VR and more than 0.815 for straight typing. The problem with Nuance is they dont pay for years experience and skill level.

Where I work, I am paid for experience and skill level so my rates are decent.

But I wont disclose my pay.

Max bonus potential is 1750 lines - per day

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You have to do at least 1750 lines per day to get the full bonus money and score at the highest amount for QA to get that bonus at the max. So you could do around 7.5 cents for VR if everything is maxed but with the corrections you have to make, its no better and no worse here than other places, that is hard to do day in and day out and not wreck your wrists! I average at least 1 correction per line, sometimes more, sometimes the reports are pretty spot on. You just never know.

Oracle - 8 cpl straight no VR - OTIer

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Oracle HAD VR, did they get rid of it? (4 cpl). - nm

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Archivus 8 cpl straight not sure on VR but independent contractor - nm

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Inscribe - 7 cpl straight typing - MT

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But a lot of ESL dictators.

I agree - and I think it should be REQUIRED of them - to post starting pay on the Job Board! nm

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Precyse-0.73 cpl-nm - JustMe

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Do you mean 7.3 cpl - longtimemt

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Surely you do not mean less than 1 cpl? Do you really mean 7.3 cpl for typing?

This is appalling! - Pitiful range of pay!! (NM)

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I agree, especially for IC positions - nm

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smaller companies - anon

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I work for two small individual companies, and looking for a third, who pay 0.8 cpl and no VR as of yet. treated well. pay on time. no online platform. IC status.

smaller companies - mtt

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Give us a clue as what two "secret" small companies you work for who pay 0.8 cpl with no VR.

Starting CPL for companies - AnothertiredMT

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Medinks pays 7.5 cpl for typed text and 2 cpl for "qualified text" (canned text imbedded in the templates). If there is not a lot of QT, I can usually type about 500 lines in three to four hours. If there is lot of QT and with changing around the wording, then I usually make about 300 lines in about three hours. It depends on the account, so it is kind of hit and miss if you end up making more than $7.00 an hour.

Medinks sounds like horrible pay. - nm

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Totally agree! SM - Tiffani

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I alsoam sick of spending untold hours of testing when youdo not even know what they pay only to find out it is something like 5-6 cpl. I waste the time to take their tests only to find my time is wasted. Are they ashamed of their pay scale. We all know that compensation is: by the line, competitive, etc. They want my time, my effort to take their tests and I feel like my first born child. It is unprofessional. I have friends who refuse to test until they know the pay scale but the companies do not seem to want to reveal this. After you spend your time then you do not hear from them. Rude in my book.

FutureNet started me off at .10/line... - anon

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but then consistently ran out of work, lost major accounts, switched to VR, outsourced or just had horrid dictators. It was hard to get a decent line count for the day.

pay per line does not always equal good pay - NotNewMT

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Yes, FN pays on the higher side, but the accounts are loaded with absolutely horrible dictators. The speech recognition never improves on the identical dictators and that pay is low enough with the extra work to really hurt your paycheck. The availability of work is very inconsistent. One day, they are begging for people to work on maybe a couple of accounts, then for the next couple of days everything is pretty much empty. You're required to work a weekend shift - as an IC - but the work on the weekends is almost nonexistent. And, there will never be an increase in that line rate.

Exactly!!! - nm

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