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Posted: May 11, 2012

WOW.  I work at Transcend and have been there almost a year.  Just in these few short months it has really changed.  It used to feel like a team/family.  Now not so much.  They just sold to nuance (who hasnt) but I suspect it's the best deal the owners could do.  Their docs are so incredibly difficult, that you cant even make minimum wage.  I am going to get trained in medical billing!!!

I absolutely agree. The dictators are horrible here. nm - SoTiredOfItAll

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that all depends. I have good accounts/dictators. - nm

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I kept an audio recording of a phone message... - PA MLS

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left on my answering machine a few years back when I worked at Transcend. It was my ROM and AROM calling me and I did not answer the phone (after all I was supposed to be working and not on the phone). I was called a b___ch by the AROM and it is plain as day on the recording (she replied with, "man, what a b___h" because I did not answer the phone). My ROM never said a thing when the AROM called me this either, just accepted the statement and kept chugging along.

I left there when things were so bad it made me physically sick. I was told I had to change my time sheet many times, but of course they have you use their email so I have no record of this, only my word. I worked so many extra hours there I was a physical mess and never made any extra for it, was only treated worse. Glad I am no longer there for sure! Kudos to whoever started this processâ€Â¦I see more companies falling into this as well.

Re: emails and IM's - sm - Meerkat

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I copy and paste them to my document file for future reference. I also highlight and make footnotes on some of them. Currently I have a nice little collection of proof that a lot of what they tell their MTs contradicts itself.

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Can anyone tell/remind me how much PTO we are allowed to carry over at the end of the yr?  Yeah, I'm sure it'll change after the buyout, but I'm just asking about the curent policy.  TIA. ...

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Just curious. I am having a LOT of trouble with a couple of ROM's in this "combined" region initials AH and RH and I'm wondering if anyone else is also? ...

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Hi.  I just wondered if anybody can tell me what exactly our current pay date is (Transcend).  I have to get a 2012 pay  schedule.  In the meantime, it'd be helpful to know when pay day is (6-7, 6-8, 6-11?).  Thanks. ...