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Does anyone work for Keystrokes? - leelee

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

Does anyone work for Keystrokes??  Have just been offered a position, and I would love to hear some feedback.  Thanks

KS - anon mom

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I currently work there, communcation leaves a lot to be desired, only have 1 account, but never run out of work, hw, I feel like I am given all the garbage, can't even make a good line count. I have been there only a few months. Guess it just depends on your account. It is M-F which is great. They don't bother you unless you've done something wrong and then you get curt emails.

KS--wants feedback--watch your back. - anon

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If you play their games--whatever they are--you can be at least employed.

yes, it's like going back to high school and it is getting worse. - my advice. keep looking. NM

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scroll down to thread starting with 'no work again today.' tons - of comments on Strokes. happy reading.

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Keystrokes - My experience

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I can say without a doubt Keystrokes was the worst experience of my working life. I had people downright lie to me-quite a few.

My advice would be if you have a job, keep it. If not, then try them and see if you do not have to give up unemployment or any other benefit.

yes, I agree about Strokes (no pun). You must be speaking - to original poster. NM

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