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perithoracic or parathoracic tenderness - Cloverport

Posted: Mar 16, 2011

Doctor states, "There was generalized parathoracic and paralumbar tenderness."  I can verify paralumbar, but I have been unable to verify parathoracic.  I did find perithoracic.  Is parathoracic a word? 

I would say perithoracic...sm - GT

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Para means beside or by the side of and peri means around, about, or enclosing.

I looked in several dictionaries online --- - anon

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including my reservoir of books.

Don't find parathoracic - and though it means around but not including, its not a prefix for everything. (tho some docs will create their own combinations)

perithoracic - around the thorax (chest)

is the exam for bones or soft tissues? - anon

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