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Nasal surgery help - marel2

Posted: Jan 18, 2010

This guy is talking a mile a minute and I can't slow it down at all. 

This guy is talking a mild a minute with no speed control to speak of...

1.  Perioperative _____ surgical pledgets were placed in the nose.

2.  Bilateral _______ splints were placed in the nasal cavity and sutured to the midline with a 3-0 Prolene suture.  (something+astic splints    Almost sounds like full-astic or scho-lastic)


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This might be helpful... - I pulled up a sample op report

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for one of my ENT guys, for sinus surgery, and another for septoplasty. The only pledgets in his reports are cotton.

The only splints in my guy's reports are Doyle and Denver. Could yours be saying Silastic splints perhaps?

Got half of it! Thanks! - Marel2

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That was the splints. The pledgets are going to be marked.

This guy has been told he has to slow down or he will get all blanks. However, he just gets faster the longer he gets into the dictation! Time to go to bed! Thanks again!

Cocaine pledgets? - MT

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Not sure without listening to it.

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