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Will Stedman's 2007 spellchecker work with Windows 7 and MS Word 2010? sm - wondering

Posted: Sep 14, 2012

I'm considering updating my computer and presently have a Dorland's Medical Spellchecker Version 3.0.  I'd actually like to use this if it will work but, if not, I'm wondering if the Stedman's 2007 will work with 2010. 

Spellchecker - Robin

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If you already have Stedman 2007 version, then just run the setup. It will then list all the versions of word that it can attach itself to. If you don't see Word 2010 listed, then I am afraid it won't work.

You can though try this free version posted on 4shared.


this is a dumb question but . . . what would happen if I tried to install it with Word 2010? sm - wondering

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will it just not work or will it corrupt the program/computer?

Yes - Robin

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Won't work at all.

Stedmans - Inquiring minds

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It wouldn't work and might cause some other programs to crash, you might get an error message when you try to install it. I have Word 2010 as well; a person needs to be careful when choosing software and make sure that it is going to be compatible.

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