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Phone lines - Laney

Posted: Mar 28, 2012

Can you work with only one telephone line?

yes, with dsl you'll get a filter. - n/m

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internet plus phone line equals paycheck - nm

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May 11, 2015

I am thinking about switching my current phone line and going with a bundle deal for our second house.  Does Dictaphone C-phone work through a cable phone line?  I still have the copper wiring at my primary home because I was afraid to switch it so didn't include the phone service in our cable package there.  Thanks!    ...

C-phone With Digital Phone Line
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Anyone know if the C-phone will work with a digital phone line ? (I think it's also called a VOiP line).  I'm moving to a new place that has a digital line & don't know if I should have a regular phone line installed instead. Thanks for any help. ...

Escription - 250 Line Count Minimum - Median Lines Or Average Lines?
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Does anybody know which column companies look at to decide if you are meeting the minimum 250 requirement in Escription? When I look at the metrics there are 2 columns...median lines per hour and average lines per hour. ...

Is It True That FOCUS, Only Counts Half Of Your Lines When Calculating VR Lines?
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if you make 4 cents per line at 1000 lines a day, they really calculate it at 500 lines per day x 4 cents, making it really 2 cents per line for the full 1000.   I heard this, and I am really interested in knowing if it is true. ...

Told Nuance Was Overcharging For Lines, Now Lines Drastically Reduced
May 02, 2012

My main account was a good one, and the lines were very good, mostly ER work. I have been on this account for over a year and a half now. We recently received an e-mail stating that Nuance had discovered that the line count was charging incorrectly, as instituted by them, and they had been crediting us with MORE lines than we were actually doing and overcharging the client. Now get this, they informed us that they would not make US pay it back, for their mistake, but that our new lines would re ...

TransTech Lines - Required Hours But Are Short Lines?
Jun 10, 2011

What do you do when you have the required hours but are short lines? I got an email that I need to "make plans to have my shortage made up." The only problem is that I'm up to date with my hours for the pay period so far. The other problem is that I have plans Saturday night and Sunday (both being my scheduled time off) that don't include TransTech. It's getting harder and harder to defend this company when they can't hold up their end of the agreement and continually ...

AT&T Phone That Is NOT A Smart Phone?
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Daughter needs a need phone.  Don't want to have to buy a data plan.  What is NOT a Smart Phone these days, but has a full keyboard for texting?  Thanks. ...

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Just wondering if the TT MTs would like share ... how many lines do you average during the day/week?  I'm doing about 9,000 to 10,000 a week and wonder if I should be pushing myself more.  How much of your count is VR?  I do probably 15% traditional and 85% VR but that, of course, varies week to week.   ...

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Which do you use - custom lines - 65 character lines with spaces or standard lines - seems like so much more for standard lines????   Cathy ...

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I am having a discrepancy issue with lines....wondered if MS Word and Medquist use a different number of characters per line.  Thanks.... ...

TransTech Lines - How Many Lines Do You Average Per Day
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How many lines do you average per day - VR and traditional?  I know it's been VERY slow lately, but when things are going well, how many lines do you normally get? I'm trying to figure out where the average numbers are.  For me, I do about 350 trad and about 1400 VR in 8 hours. Well, my timesheet says 8 hours, but my clock says that number MAY(!) be a little higher.  Again, these are numbers I pull when things are going well and I'm not waiting for work to download. I'v ...

Phone #
Jul 31, 2010

Did anyone get an e-mail from you CCM giving you a phone # to call when you run out of work? Has anybody tried this yet? ...

C Phone
Sep 09, 2010

I am a newbie and have noticed on some of the job postings that they require you to have a c phone. Can anyone tell me exactly what this is used for and if it is common to have to use one and why it seems most are not company supplied ? ...

C-phone Or Dvi Phone
Nov 06, 2010

What is a C-phone and DVI.  If I have high speed internet from cable company and also unlimited phone service from same cable service is that a way I can work with DVI or C-phone??   I appreciate any help!!!!  Thanks, Ava ...

Do You Like Your Phone?
Feb 11, 2011

I need a new phone to replace the Uniden that I had for just over 2 years (grrrr) before it died.  I need a base phone and 3 or 4 handsets.  If you have one like this and like it, can you let me know what kind it is?  ...

What Is A C-phone?
Apr 06, 2011

Not sure I know exactly what this is or what it entails.  Are they easy to obtain and use??  ...

C-phone Help Please
Aug 03, 2011

Anyone know how to adjust the backspace control for how much it rewinds after you lift the pedal? Right now, it goes back about a sentence at a time. I'd like to be able to adjust it to go back just a word or two. On older versions of the phone, there used to be a dial on the bottom of the phone for this, but the one I'm using now doesn't have this feature. ...

C-Phone ?
May 10, 2012

Hi everyone. I need to ask a question, which I realize is dumb but here goes. I see that on the jobs listing part of the site there are a couple of companies who require a C-phone. Can someone tell me what this is ?? At first I thought it meant cell phone but realized that can't be right. Thanks everyone for your patience. I guess it is showing that I am an "old school" transcriptionist and do not know anything about newer technology (if this is new).   Take care all xo ...

Help With C-phone
Jul 18, 2014

Hi, This is probably a stupid question, but I'm not a technical person so need some advice. I need a landline to hook up a C-phone.  I am thinking my house phone is a landline, but hubby says no.  We have charter, and the phone line we have goes into a modem which goes into the computer, and he says what is needed is for it to be able to hook into like a wall jack (or some type of something like a box on the wall).  He did try to hook it up last night, and the ...

C Phone Codes
Oct 13, 2009

Anybody know the codes for C-phone to speed up, slow down, go to end of report, go to beginning etc. I know in MT Stars archives but cannot search to find. Thanks ...

C-Phone Beeping
Nov 11, 2009

Does anyone know by chance, if possible, how to turn off the "tone" when a button is pressed such as when signing off a report or any function?  ...

C-phone Codes?
Jun 11, 2010

I am working for someone who cannot tell me the codes on her system for speeding up and slowing down the doctor.  She has all the other codes.  I have tried every combination I can think of using the *.  Any combination I try using the # just gives me the job heading.  Any suggestions? Thank you! ...

Odd Phone Call
Jul 20, 2010

I just got an odd phone call this afternoon.   Someone called and said they were with CAT ?? Technology, Inc.  and told me they were based in New Jersey and asked me if I had any work for them to do.  I have no idea how they got my name and when I asked particulars, they hung up.  Has anyone else gotten a phone call such as this?  I told them I am a one-woman show and do not have any work to source out and they thanked me and hung up.  ...

Phone Interview
Nov 01, 2010

I have a phone interview for a transcription job coming up soon. I was just wondering if anyone knows what the interview will consist of and if anyone has any tips. ...

ET Phone Home
Dec 02, 2010

Dictator:  The pateint is also on prophylaxis with acyclovir. VR:  The patient is also on prophylaxis with a cycle in the air.  ...

C-phone Repair
Dec 23, 2010

I have an ongoing c-phone problem but don't have the time to be wihtout it to send it to the dealer.  Does anyone know who would best be able to fix it?  A computer repair place vs. TV repair, etc.  Any help is appreciated.   Thanks! ...

C-phone Codes
Jun 15, 2011

PLEASE HELP.    I know each person you work for has different codes they program into their C-phone.... I have had several accounts and each had a list of codes, but this particular person I am working for knows nothing about a code to slow down the speed and I am in deseparate need of slowing down some doctors..... If anyone has these similar codes and knows what one slows down speed PLEASE let me know All I know for this particular account is 8 completes, 5 skips, # is header info, 7 ...

C-phone Static
Apr 07, 2011

the c-phone powers on, when i connect to the phone line all I get is static no dial tone, I've tried on two different phone lines...any suggestions? ...

May 07, 2011

I have been asked to cover an account that uses either a C-phone or DAC transcription station.  Can you speed up and slow down the voice on these systems?  I used to use a C-phones years ago and I remember that pressing the key 8 mulitple times would slow down the dictation and pressing the key 6 multiple times would speed up the dication.  Do the newer DAC or C-phones still have this option? ...

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Is anyone using Vonage with their C-phone?????   I am traveling away from my land line and wondering if I could do Vonage? ...