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NJA in north - sammy

Posted: May 11, 2012

I have noticed something weird going on with the work flow.  Haven't run out of work in quite a while and have stayed in BOB but yesterday and today have been everywhere and now out of work.  Wonder what is going on.  Anybody else?

me too... also north - hate bouncing, hate NJA

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Used to have tons of work in my grouping, now slim pickins every day.

NJA in south too - fedup

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bouncing creates more inactivity time to lookup CP-NM - SBH

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If I had to guess.... sending it to our "overseas partners"? - nm

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I'm totally sure the bouncers are probably sucking up your work - anon

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Some of us in the western region haven't done our own work in MONTHS and have been working on accounts anywhere from the east coast to the west coast. If you (or any other region) aren't getting the work flow that you used to, it might be because you now have dozens of people from outside your region sucking it all up.

Sorry ... if I had a preference, I would definitely rather do my own work than yours. :(

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