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Anybody know about getting time off for part-time status - kriscro2

Posted: May 04, 2012

I just switched to part-time status due to a court reporting program I have been taking and need 4 hours a day to practice my speed.  I couldn't really figure out the time off situation. I don't care about PTO but want to take time off when I need it.  Anybody know anything about this?  Thanks. 

I think you have to use PTO - what I was told

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If you need to take off work to do this practice, I would think you have to take PTO for that time not working. Why not just do it around your part-time hours, as you said you just recently dropped. Do both.

no, that's not what I meant - kriscro2

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I'm working for MModal 4 hours a day and practicing 4 hours a day, not using my PTO to practice. Just wanted to know if part time status meant you could take time off without using your PTO sometime as you don't get too much time accrued when youre part time. Thanks.

no, not that I am aware of - but

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Someone on here said that they get up to 5 days off without pay per year, but I dont know how that works.

The only thing my CCM lets me do is change my hours around, so if I need to take my Monday 4 hour shift off, I could move it to Sunday, or an extra hour each day, or something like that.

Yes, you can take time off - without pay for part-time status. Just

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request it the same way you would for PTO only in the drop-down menu select the unpaid leave. I just did it recently and was approved.

PTO and part time - Anon

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This was a big issue for me when going part-time. My CCM said she would "work with me" on time off without pay if I didn't have PTO. And yes, you only accrue about 5 days per year as part-time. In a nutshell, I think it is up to yuor CCM.

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