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Business license question - sm

Posted: Apr 13, 2012

The company I work for is requiring the IC's to get a business license through our city we live in.  However, I live in a very rural area, not a city, so I have no idea how to obtain this license?  I contacted my county and they were clueless.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I don't want to lose my job!

you can't lose your job because of what you describe - hmmm

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Have you explained to your MTSO that your local community does not require it of you? I'm curious, is that MTSO located in California - or are you? CA has more requirements about a business license than other states. However, if they still insist you need something that you can show them that you are a true IC, you can get an EIN number from the IRS. Employer Identification Number. The IRS issues it to you after you fill out a form and submit to them. It is very simple and the purpose is to connect your Social Security number to they type of tax return you file that recognizes you as an independent contractor or employer. It isn't anything to be worried about. Of course, you should be doing this anyway, but many ICs don't and an MTSO can get in trouble for employee/IC status if the people they contract with do not have an EIN on file.

My local community would require me to have a license IF clients came to my home. Since they do not, I don't fit the qualifications of needing a license locally. I listed a link below to the IRS website where you can get information and either download the form to mail it in or apply online.

I live in CA, had my own business (non-MT) for - many years, never needed a bus. license! (NM)

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license - Tony

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Same thing happened to me on my last job. I live in FL and the lady I was an IC for lived in CA. I went crazy calling everybody, county, state, city, IRS, trying to find out about how to go about getting a business license for this type of work. I kept getting directed to another person and then another person. I was also going to lose my job if I did not get a license. After spending hours and hours doing research and making calls, I learned that in FL they do not give out licenses for medical transcription. So I just made up a business name, got a DBA, got an EIN, made up a flyer and a business card and submitted that to the lady I was an IC for. It was the only thing I could give her. She let me keep my job, but a year later she came back again saying that wasn't good enough, I had to explain to her again that FL did not give out licenses for medical transcription (she couldn't believe this), so this time she told me to type up a letter saying who I called and what they said and she just kept that in her files in case she got audited. She said if she ever got audited and her IC's didn't have a business license, she would get hit with big fees by the IRS. Good luck.

Sounds like just another ploy to squeeze out American - MTs. Its always SOMETHING! (nm)

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Personally, I think she's nutz. why is EVERY company out there - not demanding this then?

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business license - me

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They are just doing some CYA.
Call your county seat, that's where you would inquire about a business license.

since they just want you to be able to prove you are a business, get some business cards, put your name, medical transcription types you offer, and a phone number. Keep handy a copy of your taxes showing you filed as a sole proprietor.

Then let it all go. :)

I have a feeling - we work for the same place

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and I went online and googled where I live and how to go about getting a bus. license. I live in a rural area too (population 300). All I have to do to get a DBA license is pay $10 and sign a paper in front of a notary and was told that would be accetable. I made up a business name, printed off one business card from a free website and will be submitting them on Monday after I can get to a notary. I can't believe your county did not know anything about it. The company I work for is NOT in CA and has stated that they need this to meet the definition of hiring IC's. I also have a feeling it's because too many people are trying to claim unemployment or listing them for income verification and they don't have time to be dealing with that when they have CLEARLY stated it was an IC position.

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