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TransformMT/Command Health - swomie

Posted: Jan 07, 2013

I have read some of the comments on this company, but they are about 9 months old, so I am looking for more current information.

I am so tired of having to jump from company to company because so many of them lie in their company information.

Here are some of my questions:

Does TransformMT have enough work?

What do they call a line? Count headers/footers, etc.?

What is their usual starting pay (by the way MTs, I cannot believe how these companies are getting away with paying us so little...I was with a company for 13 years and was making 11 cpl 5 years ago!).

Is this a good company to work for?

I appreciate any information and would greatly appreciate if there are MTs out there who absolutely love their jobs and who they work for if they would share the name of the company.

Transform - TFMT

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Does TransformMT have enough work?

You would have to define enough. Some days there is plenty. We are now on January 7 and today is the first day I've had work this year.

What do they call a line? Count headers/footers, etc.?

65 char w/spaces. Headers and footers are a nonissue. If you transcribe it, you get paid for it.

What is their usual starting pay (by the way MTs, I cannot believe how these companies are getting away with paying us so little...I was with a company for 13 years and was making 11 cpl 5 years ago!).

7 and 4 for employees or 8 and 5 for IC.

Is this a good company to work for?

Good is a relative term like happy. I've been there 3 years. I used to be happy. I no longer am. I used to make a decent paycheck. I no longer do. A lot of the work is ETL (where English MUST be a THIRD language).

Some managers email you to death with - get on and work and others you never hear from.

Short answer? Transform is 6 of 1, half dozen of another, just like every other company out there today.

sad - swomie

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I appreciate your response. What I meant by enough is actually typing 8 hours a day/5 days a week! Sounds like that doesn't happen with Transform any more than it does with Softscript (my current employer). From what I've been reading, it just sounds like we should all get a new career.

By the way, I loved your term ETL:)

Command Health - another MT

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I used to work for a company that was bought by Command Health. What happens with the accounts is that any straight typing account will move to VR. If the dictator passes at 98% or above, the client no longer needs an editor and the work magically disappears. One of the district managers made the mistake of telling us this on a conference call - the next day I put in my notice. I did find 2 companies that I'm doing straight typing for but that's even dwindling as I see more clients moving to VR. I'm trying to hang in until the fall when I can get a full-time outside of the house job. Good luck!!
depressed - swomie
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I am just completely depressed reading all these posts. I guess I'll keep praying my degree in psychology will get me a job until I get my master's degree. Thank God I went back to school a few years ago!

Thank you for your comment.
Lucky you. You have something to fall back on. - depressed.
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Used to be a career, now history. Where do we all go from here? We should have all been given schooling by the hospitals we worked for for a chance at a second career.
good luck - MSc-MT
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Unfortunately, I couldn't make much more with my master's degree than I can with transcribing. That's changing fast tho, so I may be out there using that degree yet.

Good luck!
Thats just peachy - I work for MDIT, now Command
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We are currently transitioning accounts to VR. Love my supervisor, but if that is the case, then I am soooo glad I went back to school. I will be so out of there

I wouldn't - sad

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Company I work for merged with Command Health. It used to be a good company but they took away paid holidays for full time employees. Now comes the VR and it is just a horrible mess. The darn thing doesn't learn, in fact, it gets worse. Like working with a drunken clown every day. I swear, one day, VR typed Dr. Molester. Had to laugh, if I wasn't already crying. Pay is 4 cpl plus "bonuses" for volume, quality and difficulty level but nobody has been able to explain to me how the engine interprets difficulty. Oh and straight typing now also gets paid 4 cpl plus bonuses. Its a total rip off. Pay is cut because you just can't do double the lines you used to.

Thanks for all the comments - swomie

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I appreciate everyone's helpful comments. It is such a sad case that we aren't valued any longer.

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