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I currently work for Acusis - Anon

Posted: Feb 25, 2014

I currently work for Acusis. I passed induction but am having a difficult time getting my lines up and understanding the payment matrix. Anyone have any information or opinions on them. I was offered a job by another company that I read good things about and I have to let them know tomorrow.

If I were you - sm

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Based on the info in your post, I'd probably go with the other company and say bye-bye to Acusis. Acusis has a terrible reputation, according to most posts on MT Stars, the main one being the payment matrix.

No matter how long you work for Acusis, you'll - see msg

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be at their mercy when it comes to your ability to make minimum line count requirements, and even earn minimum wage, let alone a living. I worked for them for half a decade, and whenever I started to pick up speed, they would make various changes that would cut my earnings in half. If you try to speed up to get more lines, they'll suddenly find too many supposed errors in your work. If you slow down enough to proof for errors, you'll get harassed about your production. And if you're earning less than minimum wage, they'll threaten you about that, too. You don't need a job like that. I know I sure didn't! I make more getting UI than I did working 10-14 hrs. a day or more for that dishonest company.

My experience has been the polar opposite... - smeeps

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I still don't understand the matrix, but then again, I'm only PT so my pay supplements the household. I haven't had any issues when my line count wasn't met, and when I was told, I flat out was honest and said I cannot come back and make lines up because I have a family to take care of. I have since switched to 2nd-3rd shift (my choice) and have made count every day. My advice to Anon is, JUMP on jobs when you see them, DO NOT wait. Always refresh que and after 5 tries with no job, immediately message a WFM for work. You have to be proactive about downloading/locking your jobs. If you're not, then your count will reflect it. Acusis isn't like other MTSOs where if there is NJA, you wait 15 and check again. You do that and you lose out on lines. Anon, if you've just cleared induction, give yourself time to get your count up. Don't give up, they really are a nice company with great people, to work for.

Acusis - Anon

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Thanks for giving me so much to think about. Much appreciated.

That's what my supervisor kept saying, but - that isnt what happend in reality. SM

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She had sort of a "Jekyll-and-Hyde" personality, too. Often nice to me when it was just us talking, and a real *____ when the QA Mgr. was on the line in a conference call or email.

When I ran out of work and needed more, instead of shooting me more work from my accounts, she'd want to give me the dregs of some horrible new account with lengthy, complicated job descriptions that - as I muddled through the learning curve on them, would then subject me to more ragging about production.

Believe me, I tried EVERY possible avenue of making that job work, and most people wouldn't have given them more than 6 months. I gave it 5 years (albeit constantly job-hunting during that time for something better!)

It's nearly impossible to communicate with your co-workers at that place. They don't want you to know them, or compare notes with them. I found a few, and after comparing notes, we all realized that we were all getting the same spiel about error rate, production, and cuts in pay. It was a cash cow for the owner (who reminded me a lot of that creepy Gov. Chris Christie - ugh), and financial quicksand for all their MTs. I wouldn't go back to that armpit of a company if it were the last job on earth.

Their payment matrix is based on INDIA wages. - If youre an American, tough toenails, they say.

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Not sure on that one.......sm - Smeeps

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I will have to find out. I interact with my coworkers on a daily basis and the majority are from India. I personally find them nicer and more respectful than many US coworkers. Since my shift change, I don't interact as much with my supervisor (who works out of California). But she has always been honest with me and really nice. Do I wish I made more, of course. But there is no where and tear on my car, I am available for my son. I'm happy with what I bring home.

Same company, different experience: - ex-Acusis MT

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Most of the Indians I dealt with, esp. QA ones, were rude and condescending. (They knew they had a cushy job and we didn't over here in the US, & rubbed it in.)

And I was NEVER happy with what I brought home, because no matter how much more I worked, the pay kept shrinking and shrinking.

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