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Got a reply from ScribeRight, Suggestions Anyone? - cptcookie

Posted: May 11, 2012

Ok, so I heard some great things about ScribeRight so I sent them my resume via their website. I got a reply back today, asking me a couple simple questions about my skills and also sent 4 files to transcribe (3 sound pretty easy, 1 will be hard for me since I have no experience in that field, Onc).

My question is....is it worth it to move? The company I currently work for (and have for many years) is 0.045 SRT/.07 straight typing. My pay scale has consistently gone down the last 2 years (surprise!) and I'm pretty fed up with the terrible pay now, working twice as much to get paid the same as just a few years ago.

Also, I would MUCH rather make the move to data migration or EMR instead of continuing transcription/editing. Should I ask ScribeRight about doing DMT/EMR instead of completing the transcription test?

I just don't want to make the switch to another company just to find myself in the same situation a year from now.

Data Migration... - Temporary

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The data migration positions for ScribeRight are temporary contract positions set to end in October, unless they get another contract by then.

yeah, was told there was a lot of work to keep DM busy for a long - time, but you have to read, sm

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between the lines. What are they going to do tell everyone it's only a temporary job. If they do not get another contract with someone else needing data migration, then the gig is up. I consider it a little extra money.

I asked during interview....sm - Temporary

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During the interview I asked how long the job was expected to last. She told me until around October. I accepted the position anyway knowing it would end in several months and I'd be back to job hunting again. The company did say they were looking for another account, but at this time nothing is confirmed and our jobs are not guaranteed once this current contract is finished.
I really hope they get more accounts - love working there! - nm
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My pay scale is half of what it was. Stay where you are. - nm

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My pay has consistent gone down and lost benefits and cannot continue benefits because of not making line count due to low work and overstaffing. It is pretty much like that for transcription.

This biz is so backwards! Most fields pay you - MORE for working harder, not LESS!!! nm

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ScribeRight is a great place to work even if - DMT position might be temp - SM

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From what I've heard, they are looking for a new contract, based on how well they have accomplished the promised dates on the current contract. I believe they are in the process of securing more work, but that is only my opinion. I'm definitely glad I accepted this position, as it is one of the better places I've ever worked. I like everything about this place!! :-) Good Luck with your decision

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