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Anyone have information on Med-Scribe? - CuriousMT

Posted: Apr 27, 2012

Anyone have information on Med-Scribe?  How is the workload?  Do you run out of work? How about the pay?  How about the days/hours?  Would like to apply, but not sure if it would be worth it.  Thanks for any information you can give me.  If you don't want to post, PLEASE email me!  

Med-Scribe in what state? NM - There are at least 4 different ones

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Med-Scribe - CuriousMT

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The one in Florida.

med-scribe - anon

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never out of work, workload steady. pay in line with everyone else. I do straight typing, so I can't speak for VR or any other, but good company and good people. I got days and hours I wanted, but I guess it depends on what is available. definitely worth it.

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