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Some questions about ExpressScribe - Feeling stupid

Posted: Apr 05, 2012

I have been an MT for decades, using Word Perfect, then Bayscribe, and now another platform.  I never worked in Word. I was in the dark about a lot of things, being at my previous job for over 10 years, perfectly content, not realizing the chaos that was going on in this industry.  After being sold about 2 years ago, I had to learn a new platform, learn VR, and finally after a few years, understand how to use this particular platform.  Please bear with me as I ask a few questions.  I am going to have to use ExpressScribe to test for some jobs, and I don't understand how it works.  I know it plays .wav files and other kinds of files.  Is there something you could compare it to with what I do know?  Is it similar to Bayscribe?  Do you just download it and then transcribe in it like Bayscribe?  How do the files get to it in order to transcribe?  I just don't grasp it.  I have been to the website and I am still confused.  I would appreciate any help trying to understand how this works.  I feel so incompetent as I feel these are things I should know in order to continue in this business.  I never had to be "computer literate" with my previous jobs and I just feel overwhelmed.  Thanks for any help.

ExpressScribe - me

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Hello. express scribe is a player that works with your footpedal, sort of like a windows media player, same concept with loading voice files. I usually save the sound files to my desktop and then load them into the express scribe player that way. I have ran into some testing sites I couldn't use express scribe because of the wave format, but seldom. I have used express scibe with a company i worked for before and its easy to use. download free program, save it to your desktop when prompted, click on express installer to open and should be all set to load your voice files into it after the install. Good luck and have a good day :)

right there with you - sm

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I'm in a similar boat, but doing on-line work a little longer maybe, and still didn't know the answers to your questions. So thank you for asking, (and to the one who replied) as I may well be needing to know this in the very near future. With another buyout looming, I am considering starting a job search yet again.

To right there with you: Are you by any - chance with the SM

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large company that was just bought by another really large company? I am and if you are, maybe we should get together by email or IM program. I think the more we communicate, the better off we are. This is one of the biggest problems with this industry, they like to keep us isolated from each other.

Very easy to use - been there

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Don't worry, Express Scribe is easy to use. After you download it and open it up, you save your file where you would like, and when you need it, the 2nd button over is load, you click on that and it brings up a directory so you can find your file, click on it, and you are ready to go. You might have to set up your foot pedal, which is also fairly easy. If you have problems, I actually found that using the hot keys is not really all that hard once you get used it. They are in a comfortable place, and I have used my computer while getting my car fixed without the cumbersome foot pedal. Good luck!

Okay, so if you save your files in word, do - you transcribe them SM

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in word? Since I have never used Windows Media Player, I am still a little confused. I'm trying to get it straight in my head by trying to compare it to what I do now. I work for a national, M-Modal is the VR program? and I use the company's platform. Thanks for any help.

I understand that ExpressScribe plays the - voice file, it loads SM

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the file when you click on load. My stupid question is after that happens, do you type the file in word where you had placed it originally? I think my confusion is I was not sure if you actually type in ExpressScribe and your post explained a lot to me. I still need this answered so I can really "get" it. Thanks for any help with this.

I just double click the VF from my desktop and - it opens in EScribe, or drag-drop it and...

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once in player just highlight it and hit foot pedal.

first off - anon

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Bayscribe is where you would type your reports, it is not a sound recording player, but often confused with BITEscribe. Bayscribe is like Word, basically a blank sheet of paper for you to type a report. Other hospital systems include MediTech, IDX, Radnet, PowerScribe, Extext, Radware, etc.

Windows Media Playwer is a sound player for music mostly. You can play dictation (voice) files on this, but you will not have the use of a foot pedal. Nix that as an option for testing, especially when new at this.

Express Scribe is another sound player as well, only specifically for transcription - so you do have the use of a footpedal for starting and stopping, etc. It's just sound, you don't type in it. You would use Word to type in while listening to dictation via EScribe for testing. Once hired they usually supply a voice player of their own and you would type in their hospital system. Other voice players that work through the computer include Bitescribe, Fusion, Winscribe, etc. They are all just "radios" basically, and would be the equivalent of the old C-phone, DVI, or Lanier units that get dictation over the phone lines. Not sure what you have used in the past on your job to equate this to.

you would have to download an ExpressScribe player to your computer, it'll have a desktop icon for access. Download a test voice file to your desktop. open EScribe, drag the test VF from your desktop to the open EScribe, open Word, if VF is highlighted hit the foot pedal and type away.

hope helps.

To Anon: Thank you !!! This is exactly the - kind of explanation I SM

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needed. When I first started using a different platform (not familiar at all with these, only used Bayscribe) I would get these explanations that I didn't understand because I was not familiar with the basics. Your explanation was right on point for me.
Thanks again.

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