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Nuance stock crashed last week.... - justiceserved

Posted: Dec 01, 2013

Read all of the stories here on it....   http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=NUAN&ql=0

Hardly call that a crash. Price is back up. - nm

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Going from $24-13 is big and Motley Fool calls them a biggest loser last week... - justme

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I wonder what would happen if... - MT

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...we posted our opinions on the message board at Yahoo Finance regarding NUAN. There seem to be some investors who are not too happy with The Man.
Disgruntled employees - anon
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Not making a judgment here just saying that is what they would think. Single investors look more at bottom line and whether the stock is going up or down. Institutional investors use fundamentals - basically analyzing things like cost to asset ratio, things like that. However you are right many owners of Nuance stock are not too happy with Ricci and remember CEO of Microsoft Steve Balmer just got "fired."

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