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Falling Asleep - caninemom3

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

Hello everyone.


This is kind of a silly question but I was wondering, what do some of you do when you are working and you get sleepy ??  I find that this is a constant problem for me.  I drink coffee,  pop and whatever to boost myself but find that it just has to go away on its own.   I would really appreciate any tips some of you may have found helpful.

Thank you so much !

Me too!!! - Angie

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I've tried everything and nothing works! I need help as well. I've tried MIO energy supplement, 5-hour energy, No-Doz, crystal light energy this week-non of them work for me! Caffeine doesn't do it. I need a kick of something.

I get sleepy, too. What I do is... - PJ

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splash cold water on my face and then go back to work or slap my face to wake myself up. If nothing else will work, I set an alarm for 5 minutes that I have to physically get up and turn off, and then I lie down on my couch and take a 5-minute power nap. When I take a power nap, I am usually good for another 2 hours. Of course, it may be different in your situation, but I have found power naps to be invaluable when working a 3rd shift. I just subtract each 5-minute power nap break from my regular break time or work that many more minutes at the end of my scheduled shift. I've never taken more than three 5-minutes power naps in any given shift, so I am only adding up to 15 minutes at the end of the shift. I also will sometimes use my regular break to sleep for a 1/2 hour and then I will eat my meal at my desk instead of using the break time to eat.

Hope this helps. I know it is a terrible feeling to be falling asleep at your desk and have to relisten to an entire report because you can't remember where you were when you started to zone out. I find that I do not get nearly as sleepy on my straight typing account as I do on my SR account.

Good luck!

I have that problem when editing VR. And don't - you hate it when - (sm)- Meerkat

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you can't stay conscious while trying to edit, so you finally say okay, I'm going to just take a quick nap so I can shake this sleepiness and get back to work. You lie down on the sofa, or in bed, and then your mind is now fully awake and racing, and.... you can't sleep! So, you get back up, go sit down at the computer again, and...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

YES!!! Wow, I am so glad I'm not alone. --nm - PJ

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I'd like to try that "5-Hour Energy" stuff, but it's - kind of on the pricey side. (nm)-Meerkat

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