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Can somebody explain to me what all the fuss - is about for "May Day" and

Posted: May 01, 2012

What part the MT industry plays in all of this? I have noticed a lot of resentment on the boards about this issue. Some seem really upset about it. Then there was the suppose strike that took place today; however, I dont view this as soley an MT issue. I have not had time to do a whole lot of reading about it and what the day stands for, but so far what I get out of it is that there was a group of MTs on this board who planned on participating and others disagreed. I am having trouble understanding what the exact role "May Day" plays in the MT industry and why people are so touchy about it. Thanks.

Oh wmj really? - Seriously

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Just in case this isn't her stirring the pot.

The idea is to bring businesses to halt and force them to pay us what we feel we deserve. While no one would say no to a raise, most of us over the age of 25 realize that the world economy has changed and when we stated OUR views that putting our jobs at risk (because that covers far more than a paycheck, some of us own homes, have credit scores to maintain and are smart enough not to risk that by protesting) we were insulted. So yeah that's why people are touchy. Plus the boards have been monopolizing by this bully.

Okay - First things first: I am the OP and I am - not WMJ. I just wanna know

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what all the fuss is about.

Um okay well that kind of verified it - Because...

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If not how would you know what wmj was in reference to?
DUH....I read the boards, just not every single - thread. She does post quite a bit.
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good grief.
Who does'nt know what WMJ stands for on this board? - She posts constantly.
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or at least she use to.
You got that right... OP is WMJ - ask and anwers own posts
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LOL yeah - Seriously
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I think she even argues with herself, props herself up, and it's sad/funny truly though.
Um..the first person to reply - For Real
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to the OP implied the OP was wmj.

She monopolized the politics board, too, - either gave up or started using sm/nm

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One nasty malcontent that one. Just sayin'

Well thank you to the first poster for answering. - I take that and be done with

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it. Seems there is no such thing as a civilized conversation or feedback on this board.

Okay so thats why everyone is mad? - out of all seriousness

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I have seen these threads and remember one a couple weeks back about a union and revolution or something.

I did not bother to read the posts and have seen many threads since and did'nt read those either.

I guess I just dont understand why people would be so angry over it, because it has nothing to do with MTs in general UNLESS they want to participate.

This "May Day" sounds like it involves more than just MTs. I for one did not strike and had not planned on it, but was curious what all the fuss was about and why people would feel bullied.

If I dont want to do something, I just dont do it.

I know. Sad isn't it? This is supposed to be a board - where we support each other. nm

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Yes, very sad. If you dont want to be involved - dont get involved. Seems logical to me.
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Been visiting these boards for about 3 months now and never got involved in those threads. I posted today to ask what the fuss is all about and now I am accused of being WMJ.

Give me a break..how old are we all.
I can tell by your posting style - sm
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And you most certainly were one of the posters calling people suits for not wanting to skip work, now you pretend you have no idea what is going on. GOOD ONE.
ITA it's EXTREMELY evident (nm) - Seriously
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What does - ITA mean?
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And, you always post with LOL up front, that's your handle?

LOL and previous post talking about someone's posting style, what do your posts accomplish other than to put people down? Are you the two who jump on WMJ all the time. Or are you one in the same?

You're one in the same or the same two who accuse someone of posting and answering her own posts? Can you tell by my writing style who I am too? Am I one of you? Or the other one of the two of you? Am I suit? Maybe there are three of me!

Who will you accuse me of being? Or do you know?
They probably think you're WMJ because you - dont have a nick-name.
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Gotta tell you I got a good laugh out of - your post
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This was too funny! I personally do not cae for WMJ because I think she is a bore. Maybe if she wrote more like your post, 1 or 2 or you and I or maybe all of you and us would pay attention. This was a great post and really broke it up....Good to see!
I think you are using your post - to
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Get around my question as to why you all were so worked up about a strike that wasn't even directly centered around the MT industry.

As far as being involved in your previous threads and calling people suits, I dont even use that terminology and I typically steer clear of those types of debates. I dont get a kick out of arguing with strangers on the internet.

"Skipping" answered my question below and I realize now this really was not a big deal at all. It just simply gave those who like to bicker a reason to stir up strife and tension as usual.

Instead of - skipping

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over a thread that they don't agree with, people interject their contrary opinions, start fights, and call others names. If you don't agree, start a different thread and everyone who agrees with you can post there. That way, all the threads will be friendly, instead of inflammatory.

WMJ has been bullied on this board, and it doesn't take one of her friends to notice that. Everyone notices it, and it's amazing how quickly it happens. It's as if those people who opposed WMJ are just sitting here waiting for her.

May Day, May 1, is an international event; it is a strike day for minimum wage workers. It has been going on for years.
Do not agree WMJ is "bullied" - You go it backwards
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How can one person bully an entire board of people? - I dont think she got it backwards, I think
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she got it just right.
That's only 1 man's opinion - WMJ never lets up with crazy talk
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revolution and overthrowing garbage, constantly wanting hand outs, but whatever floats your boat. Something wrong there big time with that one.
Simple solution - Dont read her posts. - .
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Problem is you cant always tell its her with more propaganda - Until you waste your time clicking on it and readi
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I personally am starting to really get annoyed by his/her nonstop posts. At some point, s/he needs to understand that YES, we get her flipping point, YES, we have made our individual decisions about whether to participate it, and LET. IT. GO.

At this point, what with the proliferation of posts across all boards containing the same info, I don't know why the moderator hasn't either banned him/her or at least warned him/her. When something is posted ad nauseum, IMO that makes it nothing more than spam and, at this point, I wish s/he would just go away already.

A lot of us don't have 24/7 free time as WMJ appears to have, and this is an MT board, not a pro-union, pro-strike board the last I checked. I find it beyond annoying to have to scroll through a barrage of posts trying to find a RELEVANT one, only to click on it and discover it's that wolf in sheep's clothing, just not using her usual moniker or simply "sm".

I would have thought more people would have caught on when another poster linked up WMJ's posts where she indicated she hadn't been employed since February or whatever it was but yeah...She's got plenty o'free time to stir up the malcontents on this board and she knows it. What a captive audience she's found here at MTStars for her shenanigans.

Flame away, I could not possible care less, but at this point, I wish this entity know as "Where's My Job" would actually FIND her flipping job and go away.
If you take a look around, you will see - its the trouble makers who
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are causing the threads to explode and become lengthy. The ones who jump in and take digs and make snarky comments.

Also, I dont know if you noticed or not, but wheres my job posted at the end of this thread and stated she was not the OP and had not posted in this thread once.

I think your frustration is centered around all the wrong people. This thread wouldn't be so long if it weren't for all the snarky comments.
Why - do
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her posts bother you so much? Let it go. Saying something is wrong with her big time? Really? I think what would float her boat would be a job, a decent paying job. Where's my job. Get it?
WMJ doesn't bother me - - Find her posts pretty funny
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along with her 2 supporters
I agree with "skipping". She was bullied and - continues to be SM
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bullied. It was/is very evident to me and I don't even participate very much, just read. It does seem like you (or 2 of you) are just waiting to post something negative and personal against her.
"SKIPPING" - God Bless You!!! So it is an international - event. Your post is the type of
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post I was looking for. I had no clue what May Day was, call me crazy but its true. I have been on this earth 40 yrs and never heard of it.

Finally someone posts with a logical answer to my question.

And I agree with you about the interjecting of threads, which is why I did not know what everyone was fighting about because I did not pay attention to those threads.

I could kiss you, agree with your post and thank you for telling me what today is really about.
so it didn't occur to Google it or turn on the news? - think you rely on this forum a tad too much. NM
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LOL well... - Seriously
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I've been unfortunately on a lot of forums (still active on some) and there are people who just live to stir the pot and then ask questions that you think WTH is wrong with you? Stuff like "my kid is bleeding after the dog bite him and he's turning pale, what should I do?" Well IMO if asking a message board is your FIRST thought? Get some help. But also stuff like "Who is this President Obama?" You have to think do you realize at all what a search engine is, especially for an MT who should be using one regularly, why wouldn't you know how to use it?
Not everybody lives - on the internet.
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I'm very computer savvy, but the internet isn't my life. I just work on it.

wow...2 post in a row asking the same exact thing. - why are you asking again?

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that is what this poster does... - asks and answers own posts

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Even defends herself. Watch her style, youll figure it out.

if that is not trolling - don't know what is. Don't - they moderate anymore? sm

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I mean I've read the guidelines and can see SEVERAL of those items broken...

The mods have for whatever reason decided to let her take over - People get banned for lesser annoyances
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I guess we have to assume there's some reason they're allowing WMJ et al to bombard all the boards but, I agree with you, it seems the mods are just looking the other way for whatever reason. Freedom of speech is one thing...totally innundating others with your own personal philosophy falls into another category, commonly known as BSC.

Ding ding ding it's Sybil! - Seriously

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I really wonder if we have a case of multipersonality going on.
I thought that too. especially with the flips from - anon
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sounding half-way intelligent to childish name calling and smart-sass personal digs in answer to a challenge.

WMJ - Anonymous
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HELLO! Are you guys even listening to yourselves? Sheesh, what a bunch of stupid comments. This isn't an evil plot. If you don't like WMJs comments, don't read them. This is an open forum, open to all. Open your minds people or get off the board! Sheesh, I am soooooo disappointed.
I Honestly DONT THINK WMJ has even posted - in this thread.
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She's probably found another hobby or some other forum to hang out on.

Anybody who posts without a nick-name will now officially be considered WMJ.
No, I'm not the OP... - wheres_my_job
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I'm flattered but - no, I haven't posted anything on this thread until now - people, I have two jobs now, only one is transcription related, ok?

Thanks for the laugh this May 1st, though :) I mean really, this is getting to be like a Saturday Night Live skit.
Glad - you have
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a job (or two). I was getting concerned about you. You may have given them too much info, though, as one of them (LOL, I think) is always accusing you of being unemployed and not even an MT. That might burst her bubble. One less thing to accuse you of.
Glad you got a job - too.
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Good- maybe now we will all get a - break from the relentless
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whining and complaining, pro-union, pro-socialism crap.
Or maybe not :) - wheres_my_job
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WMJ - Your the new celebrity - of MT stars...they are obsessing over you!!
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; )

You go girl!
...or someone with WAY too much free time - ...or bored or amused by how many people she can a
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Could be multiple personality...could be just a bored unemployed individual pretending to be an MT, seeing all the negativity on this board and realizing they could do some epic trolling...could be any number of things, all of which are WAY past their expiration date. Yet oddly she still has rabid followers on here. Go figure.
Who is she? - Everyone keeps referring to "she"
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Who is this "she" and if she really was one person wouldn't "she" be banned by now if she was keeping up trouble? And what did "she" do?
WMJ ("Where's My Job") is one of the few MTs - on this board with guts, & even half a clue.
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Most of the rest think they have "good" jobs, that their jobs are "safe", and that they are "appreciated" professionals. I'd love to sell them some lush farmland out in the Sahara.

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