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To those who have ignored "The Transcription Doctors" (14 ads in 6 weeks) - Pat yourself on the back -- Way to Go

Posted: Feb 28, 2010

To everyone who has been looking for a job for months with no response, PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK if you have had the integrity and fortitude to ignore all the posts that “The Transcription Doctors” have put on the Job Seeker’s Board (14 posts in 6 weeks).  

It looks like they are getting desperate.  Maybe they will finally figure out that no one with any self-confidence and experience is willing to work for them for the slave-labor wages they are offering (8 cpl straight and 3 cpl VR for an Independent Contractor). 

If we can ALL stick together and ignore these low-paying offers, maybe some of the MTSOs will finally give us raises to keep us or offer higher starting wages to get us to work for them.  If they want the best of the best, they have to pay for us. 

Hang in there.  Do not settle for a job because you are tired of looking.  There are good jobs out there and we have to send a message that we are tired of working for less than minimum wage. 

Days that TTD (The Transcription Doctors) has posted ads on MTStars Job Seeker’s Board: 

                 1          02-27   

                 2          02-27   

                 3          02-20   

                 4          02-20   

                 5          02-15   

                 6          02-11   

                 7          02-09  

                 8          02-09   

                 9          02-03 

             10          01-26   

             11          01-26   

             12          01-16  

             13          01-14   

             14          01-13   



The reason they are advertising so much..... - lindab

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is because their "parent company", Superior Global Solutions (global being the key word here) was just awarded a huge contract out of Dallas. I have heard te account is a friggin nightmare! Lots of VR, lost of ESLs and very very low pay.....

I didn't realize SGS and TTD were affiliated. - Explains a lot.

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The Transcription Doctors - SecondWind

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It is criminal how men and women (mostly women) built the once honorable and integrity propelled MT industry that is now being pirated by some of the the most unscrupulous, 'not giving a damndest,' low paying, unfair labor practicing scoundrels on the entire globe. I agree with you. Refuse to work for companies who offer such conditions and meager pay. ESLs, poor dictators, mechanical voice file corruption and VR are very difficult, but more than acceptable if the pay reflects the expertise that goes into transcribing such.

PS: Good news at my company. Our immediate supervisors finally tired of our trip to hell in a handbasket and took it upon themselves (with no threats or ill will towards upper management) to have an honest discussion with the staff. Now the sinking ship's production and accuracy have improved greatly, and I think the ship is gonna sail. I hope upper management notes that and does not muck it up again.

Superior Global should be ashamed! nm.. - NM

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The pay is ridiculously low. - nm

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Low Pay, No Training - Lucy

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and that is just the beginning. An e-mail went out that missing a TAT will give them the opportunity to slap you with a $50.00 charge - Oh yeah, but she really didn't mean to upset anyone by tht e-mail! What was that song, "Take this job and ...."?

LOW PAY? TRY NO PAY! - still waiting

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I am still waiting for my meager paycheck after 2 months. I hope they go down in flames!

Transcription Doctors - A Fool

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Yep! I was a fool. I worked for them one month, part-time. I made a whole $84.12!!! And that was BEFORE taxes were taken out!! Couldn't believe it. I'm done with them! 3 cents a line for editing and 7 cents for actual transcription be out-lawed!!

Does not pay - RoadRunnerMT

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I know someone who worked for them a few years ago and took about 3 months to get paid. NEVER accept payment as "when I get paid, you get paid". Not a good way to do business.

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