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Synernet...Confused - Hmmmm

Posted: Mar 29, 2013

I was reading the ad posted by Synernet and thought it sounded quite decent, what with benefits and incentive plan, etc., then I noticed their ad has 4 "dislikes."

Does anyone who clicked that "dislike" button care to explain here why?  If there's something about the company that isn't in line with the ad, I'd love to know before I bother testing and applying.


Synernet - Also wondering

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It may be the part at the end of the ad regarding being required to work 4 holidays and the mandatory overtime that brought on the dislikes. I thought they were a decent company too, although I can't work for them because they are not licensed to hire people in my state (WA). I did take their test many months ago and did not think it was very difficult. If you need a job you could probably do worse.

not to mention - 2nd and 3rd shift

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nobody WANTS to work those hours, and so would bring on a "dislike."

They offer a decent shift differential, I think. - sm

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Kinda takes the sting out of 2nd or 3rd.

I think they also have a good reputation for keeping MT busy, not waiting for work.

Accounts still need coverage on holidays - Synernet MT

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Of course you'll have to work a few holidays. Healthcare doesn't "close" on holidays like stores do. Patients are still being seen and reports are still being dictated. I'm sure that a patient wouldn't want to be kept waiting to be transferred to another facility because there was no one available to transcribe their stat transfer summary. Synernet recognizes 8 holidays per year and you only have to work 4 of them, and you get holiday pay whether you work or not. I think that's more than reasonable. If you don't want to work holidays, you're definitely in the wrong profession.

With regards to working 2nd and 3rd shift and claiming that "no one" wants to work those hours, that's simply not true. I work 2nd shift and have for years (not just at Synernet). I'd much rather work evenings than mornings, but that's just my preference. I know of several other MTs who also prefer working later in the day. I realize that lots of people do prefer 1st shift, but it's a completely untrue blanket statement to say that NO ONE wants to work 2nd or 3rd shift, because there are plenty of people out there, myself included, who prefer those hours.

I personally love it there - Synernet MT

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I absolutely love Synernet. I started there a little over a year ago after I had been with a company that was going downhill fast. The benefits are outstanding and you get 6 weeks of paid vacation a year. Yes, the line rate is kind of on the lower side; however, they literally NEVER run out of work and I always do at least 2100 line a day, so I make great money there. They do have an incentive plan set up so that you can earn more per line if you do a certain number of lines. My work pool consists of several hospitals and clinics and all of the dictators are great, little to no ESLs. Synernet is hospital owned, so the accounts will always be there. They also don't bombard you with emails like some companies do. As long as you work your schedule, you are pretty much left alone to do your work. They don't over hire and have mandatory OT to cover vacations or when volumes are high so that they don't have to hire and end up overstaffing. I actually like getting OT for the extra $$$. Plus, you tell them when you are going to put in your OT hours. They don't make you do it at a specific time. I highly recommend them.

Oh, another great thing is that they give a pretty generous annual bonus. :)

Synernet - pooktina

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The negative thing I thought about it was they seemed to have great expectations, evaluating your productivity and line counts every pay period. I just thought that would be too much. I don't want to be micromanaged like that, plus I hated to give up all my evenings, etc. and time with my husband, etc. to work for them. And they're a pretty good sized company so i figured down the line they would go to voice which they didn't deny could be a possibility.

Synernet - MTMS

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So, are they still straight typing?
Synernet - pooktina
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Yes,I believe that's most of their work but when I asked about possibility of them going to VR they didn't deny that may be in future.
First I have heard of it - wanna raze
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I've worked for Synernet for a couple years and this is the first time I've heard we are going to VR so quickly. What will happen to the rest of the MTs who only straight type? Will we be allowed to switch to VR?

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