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Podiatry term, s/l hemocautery - wth

Posted: Jun 17, 2011

Okay, so he says "The tourniquet was then released and hemostasis regained, employing **hemocautery." I'm new at podiatry, but could not find a reference for hemocautery. I found chemocautery. Anyone?


hemocautery - sm

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Does your account's name start with an E? The reason why I ask is because I have a podiatrist that uses that exact same term, "hemocautery." LOL

It's really not a word, more like a made up word to say that "electrocautery was used to obtain hemostasis." But, I just go ahead and type it exactly like he says it, hemocautery.

I'm on a verbatim account though, so that might make a difference, but even if my account wasn't verbatim, I'd probably go ahead and type "hemocautery" anyway.

phenol cuatery, maybe. SM - tiredmt

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A chemical cautery of silver nitrate acts like a soldering agent.

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