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There is hope MT's!...well for now - Nuance sucks

Posted: May 02, 2012

Well, just quit Nuance.  Can't believe I made it nearly 2 years, after being at OSi for 5 years.  They sent all my work overseas and there has not been any work there for the past month!  After reading many many posts here I thought MT days were over!  Then a job came up, I replied and for 2 weeks I have been working for a small local company, no VR, you can copy and paste for your lines (instead of it being against "HIPAA policies" per Nuance!) and what...a local English speaking only doctor! I'm in heaven!

Congratulations! - Seriously

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It sounds like you are happy and I'm glad :)

There is hope - lh

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So happy for you. Is this place still hiring. I would love to be in heaven too! Congratulations.

Congrats! How do you find smaller companies? sm - me

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I have 30 years experience. I hate VR but would suck it up IF it paid better. Been with Nuance for 6 months now. About ready to just walk away. I've never been so miserable in my life. Bust my butt and see what crap wages I make.

I would love a day job M-F, 1 weekend a month if required, and decent pay. I am a hard worker. I will work extra when required. Where are all the good companies????

Way to go. - Teardrop

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I'm so very happy for you!

Hopeful MTs - Congratulations

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Just jumped on because I have been out of work at my MT job for a month now. Have a friend who works for a hospital that sends their overflow to Nuance and was going to apply but would rather shoot myself in the foot truthfully! Then talked to another friend who asked if I had tried the local companies, nope because I can't find them advertised or even in the phone book. She gave me the number of the company her office uses and I have already sent my information to the owner and will have an interview when she gets back in town next Tuesday. Nice to know there is hope! Also for the person like me who does not know how to find small local companies, if you don't have friends in doctors' offices, maybe try calling some offices and asking for the transcription department or person who handles outsourcing transcription and ask who they use. Can't hurt, might help!

Where to find small companies - Nuance sucks

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I found the small company on craigslist. I have found there are a lot of good MT jobs on there!

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Nov 09, 2011

I have been accepted to law school!  I went back to college about a year after returning to the Q after a long absence.  When I saw how things had changed in the industry and at the Q, I realized that MT was not going to be a reliable source of income for me for more than a couple more years.  I ended up leaving the Q shortly after starting college, also, and check in here now and then to see how bad things are.  I do not doubt my decisions for a second after just spendi ...

Hope Work Picks Up Soon
Jan 11, 2012

I have been putting in a lot of resumes and not getting any responses. Ever since before the holidays the work seems to have dried up at least for me. Anyone think it will pick up soon? I need to find work soon somewhere really hurting. ...