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The broadcast is spreading from station to - station across the nation

Posted: Apr 27, 2012

like an infection...

you mean there might be - a shot for it

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oh goodie.

what broadcast? I missed something. - n/m

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like the plague without a cure. - NM

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Doubt it. - Have not seen it anywhere.

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/// - nm

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My batteries are just fine - I chose to listen to human kind instead - Unions are Dead

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My grandfather, rest his soul, cried when he spoke of a government sending him a paycheck to live on in his retirement. He was the most patriotic person I have ever known. I could not disrespect his memory by subjecting anyone to an extra day of delayed care by refusing to work because I was thinking of myself more than of my fellow man. What about veterans in need of our support? Are we to tell them, oh thanks for your service, but I'm having a personal tangent today? Not me.

oh,ok. Had no idea what that was in reference to. - thank you! and agrree.

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This is why I do not frequent the politics board.

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