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RE: Editing to a deficit - MTthinkingabout it - YES Keep thinking and acting

Posted: May 02, 2012

Ever think about how this also applies to 20-minute dictations that are filled with "sorry correct that to..." and "UHs, UMS?" Also working "to a deficit" to all of our detriments.  Don't continue to accept it.

In an earlier post it was mentioned that there will be more activities and ongoing activities during and past MT Week.

more skip days? - first one fail?

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omg... will it ever end?

Here we go again with those never-ending posts - by you know who

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When you hook up with clowns like OWS, you end up being the joke. I'm with you. Kind of funny that yesterday was to shut down capitalism, sponsored by the communists, and Wall Street ended up having a record day well over 13,000. Shows how much influence these goofs don't have. And before, the flamers start about it was not communists, try reading the lists of sponsors, check out the symbol of communism they used on their signs, etc.

Now its just puked over into MT week... - PLEASE SHUT IT DOWN MODS!

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I cant handle all this crap talk anymore! Every day... skip work, take a stand, dont put up with it, lets show them!

Now its just puked over into MT week... - PLEASE SHUT IT DOWN MODS! - W/ you - Let them get their little commie
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socialist board and leave the rest of us alone. They are a good example of why NOT to join forces with them. Just look at the crackpot ideas posted here. I'm all for them moving off the board completely to their own little "utopian commie" site and leaving the rest of us alone. Sad part is, they are so uninformed, they don't realize how much worse their crazy ideas make it for the general public, and they only ones benefitting are the politic elite they claim they hate so much with their selective, manufactured outrage.
But... just look at the venom you just posted. All - because someones opinion is different.
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So what? One post compared to endless - rantings by a few goofs
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If you think it so "hateful", pass it by. All other posters have a right to post whatever they want in opposition to what they feel are crazy posts. Unfortunately, the "stealth" crackpot commies/socies invade everything...they're like a virus that infects everything in their path, and not in a good way. They kill off anything good, all the while spewing their garbage. And yeah, I for one, hate germs...so what?
Geez, what do you do if someone cuts you off - on the freeway? Run them off the road?
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Exaggerate much? - All because someone disagrees with yoU?
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Posters are sick and tired of the far-out, crazy ideology that dominates this board to the EXCLUSION OF EVERYONE ELSE WITH A SANE THOUGHT and something of value to contribute. The socialist/commies are not profound, except in their own minds.

I don't give a rat's A_ S what you think of my post. Grow up and put on your big girl panties if you own a pair.
First off, I'm not the OP. Second, read back some - of your posts. The word "rabies" comes to mind.
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Your point? Who cares? - Now post below AGAIN
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Now how ridiculous was your reply? - seriously.
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grow up.
Point illustrated. I rest my case. - Obviously rubber-room bound.
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"MT week"? THAT'S what you consider important? - All that outrage, and for a company mousepad?
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chapstick keychain with company logo - n/m
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Boggles the mind.

Someone, or a panel of people, came to the conclusion that that was something to give as an appreciatory gift. WTF?
Orange stuffed starfish, here. - NM
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You talk of "taking a stand" to shut down others - doing the same. Hypocritical much?
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Why are you so worked up? It's just a board! - People can have other opinions.

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Unfortunately, there are those on this board that - do not want ANY opposing comments
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Hallmark of the goofy communism, solcialism ideology.
It's not the opposition, it's the bile contained within. - Tone it down, and people will listen.
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It's not the opposition, it's the bile contained within. - Tone it down, and people will l - Follow your own advice
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Just another one...do as I say, not as I do. You're getting old fast.
Whatever. You kinda remind me of a dog barking - at people thru a fence.
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Annoying creatures, sometimes.

I happen to be a cat person, myself.
Whatever. You kinda remind me of a dog barking - at people thru a fence - and U just remind me of a dog
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Cool! Now excuse me while I lift my leg..... - lol
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It's sad to see women advocating shutting up and - letting others control their lives.

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I think it's naive and dismissive to think.. - Seriously

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that by NOT striking that's what's being advocated.
Not talking about strikes. I'm talking about women - who fear not being controlled by men, for ex.
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Oh puhleeze - Seriously
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This reeks of a 13-year-old mentality, you MUST SEE IT MY WAY or you throw inflammatory stuff out there, women's rights being eroded now? The "liberal" media isn't exposing it, then it's the "conservative" media that isn't covering it. Our supervisors are "hiding and conspiring" against us. Hell I *was* a supervisor, trust me we don't think that way, we are about numbers and TAT...and when I was quality too.
Do you seriously believe women's rights haven't - been eroded already? BIG time?
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I do see it happening..but MT strike? - Seriously
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Explain to me how that will help women's rights? You do realize most of the MTOS industry is run by women? I'm really trying to understand your train of thought, but it seems panicky, teenage girl, grasping with inflammatory headlines just to scare those into striking.
Some of the worst risks to women's rights comes - from women who think like men.
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Circles...sorry not talking in them - Seriously
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Grow up.
Why do you all get into the same STUPID FIGHTS - EVERYDAY?
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Same thing day in and day out. This is not an MT board, this is a debate board.

You tell people to move to a different forum or post elsewhere when all you have to do is *bypass the thead*

Its not rocket science. If you dont like whats being said then dont continue reading, move on to the next post.
Thanks for the injection of wisdom. People need to - take off the blinders and see the big picture.
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Not just their own little life, in their own little corner of the world.

It takes all kinds to make a world, and unless we so-called humans don't find a way to be inclusive, rather than exclusive of others, likely we'll someday succeed in destroying that world.
Actually, you ARE. Re-read some of your posts - when you calm down. Youre losing it.
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Try re-reading your own or get a new line - Pretty self-rightoues
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Now you're describing your own point of view. - Better add maniacal to the mix, as well.
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Furthermore.. - Seriously
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It seems to me that people who have nothing to lose get PISSED at people who have had a life for themselves and do have things to lose if ONE day turns into being laid off or something. I have relatives like this and they do not understand how devastating financially it could be if one of us lost our jobs permanently, because they have never owned property, didn't bother putting their children through school, saved for retirement, or had health benefits of any source except for state funded.

That's not to say pay has not be cut in this area and is not keeping up with inflammation, but some of us DO like our jobs and while we may not be thrilled with our income (some are fine with it), some of us are NOT risking what we have built over a lifetime to get back to some idealistic view of "what we are worth."

Your job is worth what people pay you, just like the real estate market your house is worth what people will pay you NOT what you paid for it, not necessarily what improvements you put in, and not what you think it's worth.

If you don't like the profession or the industry, by all means strike, quit, reeducate yourself, whatever..but to be so dismissive and start now bleeding this into MT week because you DID NOT get the result YOU wanted from one pitiful day off from work speaks volumes.
To Seriously - Glad to see your post
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and some common sense on this board FINALLY. Never saw such a bunch of whiners in my life as the ones here. God forbid they would actually take action to improve their own situation or life...always with that entitlement mentality that someone else has to have more interest and responsibility in their lives than they do.
Thank you.. - Seriously
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I really do NOT understand how this board has stayed the same for so long. I leave for years, come back and it's the same darn thing. But I do have some offline friends here so meh I'll take it.

But yeah I don't get the whining and I don't understand how much free time some folks have, maybe take that time to find a career or lifestyle that you feel you are entitled to I guess would be my recommendation.
Just because you do have "something to lose" does - not guarantee youll get to keep it.
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Your home can be taken away by eminent domain, if someone decides to build a highway through the middle of it.

A blip in the stock market, or a terrorist attack, or something as mundane as a car accident or an illness can take away your way of life.

But there are many in this country who not only don't have much, if anything, to lose, but who stand no chance whatsoever of achieving just a normal life, let alone home ownership or anything else of value.

It's easy to judge when you're higher up in the heap, but don't ever think for a minute that just being there makes you immune to what's been happening in our government's illicit affair with corporate America.
Fully aware (more) - Seriously
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We have had our income cut by nearly 50% six years ago at the start of this recession. We fought, sometimes working 2 jobs, sometimes more, sold things, and I'm proud of us for getting through the worst of it. But I am damn well smart enough NOT to voluntarily put myself in a position where I might lose more than I already have fiscally and career wise.
Seriously - some are too lazy to do what you and I - have - to keep what we have
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There will always be those that are just too lazy to do anything to improve their own situation. Almost no one gets to age 50 without having something major to deal with. HOW they deal with it tells you a lot about their character. Whine and boohoo or actually take some action, get another job, go to school, work 2 jobs, cut back. Most peoople live far beyond their means and then blame others for what they "can't afford".
Boy is THAT ever an elitist point of view. "Some are - too lazy to keep what we have".
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Tell that to someone who's just been foreclosed on and thrown out into the streets, simply for being so "lazy" as to lose half their pay or more, or to get sick and not have insurance because company doesn't offer it and they can't afford it on the crap wages the company pays.

And here you mention "taking action". Which is precisely what some of us chose to do yesterday, and the "good-girl" MTs are going into apoplexy about it. Because they think it somehow jeopardizes THEIR job, or home, or whatever, when they didn't do anything.

Come see my 1 room studio in a working-poor neighborhood someday and see how "far beyond my means" I'm living.
You say "we". Would you fare as well if you were - suddenly single? SM
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A heart-attack on the other side of the dinner table some night could end up showing you a whole new dimension of poverty, if you still happen to be an MT working for a nationwide MTSO.
Really you don't know my financial situation - Seriously
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So stop pretending you do. Obviously we have life insurance. Obviously my husband's retirement is set up to cover me in the case of his death.

A more apt scenario would be divorce. However, how do you even know ALL I do is transcription? You don't. You have no idea of the SHARED investments we've made over the last 6 years and slap ourselves for not making them sooner. We do NOT want to end up like his parents hoping Social Security is there at 65 (which isn't enough to cover their bills as his dad IS 67 still working road construction full time).

Why is it okay for you to post all these "well what if" situations when someone TELLS you that's NOT my situation you retort. Why is it when someone disagrees you insult?

You have NO IDEA how I grew up and WHY I have choosen to live way under my means to assure a better future for myself. Stop pretending you do and stop throwing out what if scenarios. I TOLD YOU what I thought, respect it and move on. If you think someone at my age has NOT thought of the what ifs before you clearly are fortunate not to have had the life experiences I have had.
Nor do you know mine or anyone else's. I just hope - you truly have what you think you have.
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I know several women who thought they'd be taken care of when their husbands passed. Come to find out, the will had been changed, and the insurance had been cancelled or never existed. One once lived in a palacial home, and now has an tiny apartment, and only SS to live on, nothing else.

And I'm not even factoring in the ones whose husbands flew the coop. They thought they were bullet-proof and sitting pretty, and then BAM! Nothing, bank account drained, other assets frozen or missing.

Is this YOUR scenario? Of course not. But never trust good luck, it can be a real b*tch. Right when everything is going great, it can turn around and knock you to the ground.

Never take ANYTHING in life for granted, especially your good fortune.
This is true - Seriously
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I've seen many women who have NO CLUE about their finances or investments. They are not actively involved and just sign stuff without reading. It's frightening. Obviously one wants to believe a marriage is forever and have no trust issues, but nothing NOTHING is infalliable. Am I 100% sure my retirement will be as planned, no but fiscally we are 99% sure...and that 1% scares me enough at times :)

thank you for posting, I agree with you - wheres_my_job

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be careful, be strategic, do research, and try to express yourself in most impersonal business-like way possible.

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