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radiology transcription to voice recognition - Tina

Posted: Sep 29, 2010

Has any radiology transcriptionist heard of a group of radiologists from the Chicago group?  I am a hospital radiology transcriptionist and have just started hearing that my hospital is switching to voice recognition on Jan 1st.  We have been given very little info.  I don't even know I will have a job, if they need editors, etc.  Please help.  Give me any info you have on this group or voice recognition for radiology.  If you haven't heard of the Chicago Group, then give any info on medical editor..  Thanks so much.

Question - (sm) - melmt

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Just curious - is Chicago Group a company you are considering applying to for transcription work or are they a company that will provide the voice recognition platform for your hospital?

chicago group/voice recognition - tina

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This is the group that will be taking over. This is a group of radiologists who will come to our facility and dictate. From what I understand, they will be providing system and PACS. All of our Radiologists were either terminated or quit. We have not even been told if we will be used for editing or be without job.

Facing similar situation myself (sm) - melmt

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I've never heard of that group.  Maybe someone else here will respond with some info on them.  Do you have any experience with acute care transcription?  Maybe your hospital will transition you over to that.  Get any experience you can in acute care because radiology is rapidly going 100% voice recognition just about everywhere. 

I'm hearing rumors that the facility I work for will be changing platforms and adding voice recognition soon and I'm nervous.  And they're the kind of place that doesn't let you know what is going to happen until the last minute.  Like most places, they are concerned only with TAT and keeping docs happy - not whether the transcriptionists can maintain their income.  Good luck to you !  Surprised


vr - Tina
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I had originally started out doing all types of clinical and hospital work but then took transfer to Rad. At our facility, all clinic and hospital work will also be going to electronic medical records and are eliminating transcription within the next year. Just wondering if it is a good thing to try to find another company to work for and if there are any good companies out there. I have went from making about 55000 a year to 44000 a year over the past 2 years. Just scared as you hear horror stories about other companies and no money to be made and no work....Help if you can.
start looking (sm) - melmt
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I would say start looking now - maybe get on with a company part time while holding on to hospital job as long as possible. Most companies now hire for combination of MT and ME, so you could get some exposure to ME in case your hospital wants to keep you on for that. Just do LOTS of research on any MTSO! Some are major headaches but maybe some would offer a good part-time second job opportunity that could work into full-time later on if need be. :)

Sounds like the plan is to again save money. - AT

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I have gone through this too many times. You are the last to know the plan. You will usually not have a job. I have gone through 5 hospitals and they deny up until the exact day they take you into the room and tell you to gather your stuff, NOW. That is how they have to do it nowadays. They then change all the passwords and loks. They are afraid of any reprecussions, so they will never ever tell you the truth. They deny. Sounds fishy as a PACs system is costly. Never saw radiologists pay for any equipment, the hospital pays and then they save money by terminating employees. We were all told how the hospital saves money by not having full-time employees and not having to pay them vacations, sick time, and health care. Good business to have a service and then make all kinds of demands and expect perfection!


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Another horror story. It happened to me about 3 years ago. Luckily I was the type that already worked 2 jobs one full-time, one part-time, so I just went full-time with the second job when they cut us. Don't think they need a lot of time because my job disappeared within a month, going from working 10-12 hours a day making great money down to 4-6 then down to 2 then nothing. They don't care either. They got their little electronic thing now and they don't need people. The wonders computer age. No people needed to do anything. I never heard of that particular group, but I have heard of radiology groups that read the x-rays and then send back to the hospital, but for the actual doctors to be terminated, wow, that is really something new here (to me anyway). Bet those 6 figure radiologists never thought they would be losing their jobs, just the people who typed the reports. I am sure those rads were all for the new voice recognition when they first heard of it and didn't think they would be losing their job to it.

VR in RadiologyChicago group/America group! - AT

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Not sure what you mean by Chicago group. Most of the hospitals radiology services have been the very first to go to voice. Editors? IF the hospital has bought the program, they tell their doctors that THEY will do 100% of their own editing. The young docs have computer knowledge, and for the most part do their own. Leaves little work to be edited, so the hospital goes to service,BUT they want 24 hour coverage!! You may get 5 reports in 8 hours and at 3 cents a line!!!! We should have taken advantage of the school tuition.

radiology vr - tina

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2 of our radiologists were terminated, 2 are leaving because they do not want this VR. They are bringing in a group of radiologists called the Chicago Group who are already doing the VR. We are suppose to be using their system and pacs. This is to take place Jan 1st. We have not been told if we will be needed or not. Noone seems to know, say they are not far enough into all the details yet. From what I gather on all comments, we better start looking for jobs ASAP. Does anyone know where to get a good RAD MT job or is this a thing of the past? I can do all mri, ct, uls, angio,etc. anything there is on clinic or hospital side.

Keystrokes does a lot of radiology and VR editing for radiology. sm - RadPro

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I am very happy there, and I do both VR editing and regular radiology transcription. Email me if you want.
vr radiology - Tina
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Well ok. Finally got name of company. Radiology Imaging Consultants through Chicago. They kept calling them the Chicago Group. Does anyone known anything about this group? Do they use editors or anything you might know?

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