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Philbrick Transcription in Connecticut - Faith

Posted: Aug 24, 2012

Has anyone applied and/or been hired  at this company for clinic work/multispecialty clinic work in the last 4 to 6 months?  Just wondering if they are hiring?

Philbrick - Faith

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Looking for work with companies who are not hiring every other day or every week oe even every month, like most of these companies are doing. Tells me that their employees/contractors stick around because they are treated right. Any information would be appreciated, I do not have time to waist with the others.

I think the opposite. If they are hiring, they must be growing and getting new accounts. sm - FlipSide

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There are two sides to the coin here. A company could have high turnover or they have openings because they have new accounts. You have to figure out which is which by posts and by talking to people who work there. I take everything on this site with a grain of salt because you usually only see the truly miserable people. I rarely post anymore, and know of many others who feel this way, because you get attacked.

Totally agree with you FlipSide - see message.

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You said "I take everything on this site with a grain of salt because you usually only see the truly miserable people. I rarely post anymore, and know of many others who feel this way, because you get attacked."

That is so true about this website. Not only that, but they seem to have this mentality that EVERYONE is in their shoes. So if they aren't making money they figure you aren't making any either and if you post otherwise, then they will call you a liar and go into attack mode.

I wouldn't be surprised if this post gets deleted right along with yours. It funny how they can be so rude on this site, but when someone posts telling the truth about how it really is, that posts gets deleted.

So lets see how long this one will last.

Afraid I must disagree. - View from the inside....

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There are a number of companies that are always hiring - not because of new business but because of attrition.

Employee turnover is unavoidable. In the case of a larger company - let's say, with 2000 MTs - even a 5% turnover rate (which would be phenomenal) would mean that they're going to lose 100 people a year - and that pretty much means that you're going to see them advertising constantly for people even with no increase in business.

I don't think you can infer very much one way or the other from the fact that a company is or is not advertising frequently for people.

Philbrick - nn

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When they have openings, they advertise.

Philbrick - Faith

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Okay, do you work there? or just an observation?

Former Philbrick employee - nn

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I used to work there. I had to leave because of some health issues that I was experiencing at the time. When they have openings, they usually post them. The last time I saw something was about 3 months or so ago.
Philbrick-former employee response - nn
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When Philbrick advertises, it is because they need to. The people whom are beind hiring try to keep a balance between overhiring and not having enough work. They have not had an advertisement posted for about 3 or more months. Therefore, I would presume they are not hiring at this time. This is one thing that MTs need to understand. If you go to a website and it says not hiring at this time, that generally means just that. If you have limited to no experience under your belt, then likely you will not be hired. If an ad states "5 or more years experience," it means just that. I am not being critical here, but I have seen posts from the original poster, that were full of grammatical errors as well as spelling. I have also noticed that "she" has posted regarding several companies. This is called checking on your resume, spelling, gammar, punctuation, etc.

It doesn't hurt to apply to diffent companies. You could get lucky, but also, when you limit yourself to certain hours, days, whatever, then your chances are less likely of being hired.

Philbrick is a great employer, but I believe as well, that another company that could be "asborbed " very soon.
philbrick former employee response - Faith
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I am not sure who you are referring to, i.e. "original poster", but you should check your own spelling and grammar as the first and last sentences are confusing and far from perfect in your last post.
possibly it was your second post - anon
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I do not have time to "waist." That could have been what the other poster was referring to. I believe the correct spelling is waste. :)

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