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MediScribes Inc., Louisville, KY - Chimeralld

Posted: Sep 08, 2012

Hello. Does anyone work (or has worked) for MediScribes Inc., in Louisville, KY?  If so, just wondering how well it is going? Thank you very much.

It's in India, not Kentucky. Instant messages from the Indian sm - no thanks

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techs all day while you're working.

I have to agree - nn

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You have to IM to have work assigned. The work coordinators and tech support are ALL Indian based, and if something goes wrong with the platform, you loose a report, etc, then they want to automatically remote in to your computer. They will not call first. The platform is extremely antiquated for newer systems (mine is Windows 7) and I had nothing but problems -- of course, it was MY computer, my internet connection, none of it was their fault. Software was developed by M2CommSys, which is a company out of Vegas that used to advertise and they were BIG time Indian.

I do - MT

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I do - only been a positive experience. Lots of work, okay platform (not the best but not the worst), good pay that is on time. I have not had problems with IMs "all day long." And no, I'm not a "suit," which seems to be the opinion around here if you have nothing negative to say about a company.

To MT - AnotherMT

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Do they have an incentive plan?

Incentive - MT

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On the accounts I work, there is an incentive for anything over 12,000 lines a pay period. I honestly don't know if that's a company-wide benefit.

MediScribes - Chimeralld

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Thanks for the input everyone. If anymore opinions, would greatly appreciate it!!

Mediscribes - NYMT

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My hospital recently told us we were being outsourced to Mediscribes and that we were guaranteed jobs as employees or IC. They had a recruiter and one of the VPs come talk with us. But we found out things they told us were lies. They said everything is done in the US. Not true.
The software they use is old, and not even made anymore. They talked around questions we asked and never actually answered our questions. We don't trust them.

Antiquated platform - nonny

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Their software is awful. I was told that it would work on my computer which uses Windows 7. I had nothing but problems. Techs would "remote in," without calling first and software was developed by M2CommSys, which even though they state is in Las Vegas, another Indian company. Also, you would get assigned 5 reports and have to then contact the work assigners via IM (again, an all Indian staff). I was told it was my computer, my internet connection, etc., but it was their ancient software.

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Xx ...

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