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Posted: Jan 09, 2013

I worked for this couple for over a month. He has decided not to pay using the excuse that he pays after 2 months, but that is after all his fees. This guy is a total joke. After he said he would not pay me for all the work I have done, I stopped producing. He says I owe him for 2 weeks  worth of work. He is now threatening me that he will come across state lines and make me pay him for work lost and legal fees.  Is he really that ignorant? He is actually funny when he tries to scare me in an email. He needs to check into his employees a little bit better, and check who he tries to intimidate. I can say that I would gladly welcome him across state lines. I am stunned at how angry he got, and the threats that came fast and furious. How stupid! Please avoid this idiot.

Yikes. I just googled them and found - them mentioned on

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ripoffreport.com. I'm sorry you were screwed by this guy. Thanks for the heads-up.

There is a permanent post about them at the top - me

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of the company board warning about them.

You may want to check the archives - on this fool

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A long history of this behavior and not paying his employees. I can't even believe he is in business still.

I read all of the posts. At least mine was only a month - Transcribing it

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This guy is a character. He continues to use key words - stupid, ignorant, clueless. He has some self-reflection issues, I can tell! lol

Work without pay - Disgusted

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Also, read above on this board, third entry down regarding Toth.

Contact US Attorney, this is theft of services among other things - Not a lawyer but not an idiot

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Print out your e-mails, get print out posts from other people who have had similar experiences and take it to your nearest US Attorney's office. This is fraud, racketeering and who knows what other statutes broken and across state lines. They will put this guy behind bars for a good long time, where he belongs, I suspect. And go after the principal for your money, they can be made to pay you for services rendered. Don't worry, they have deep pockets adn they too will go after this guy.

Look on the first page - Ugh

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There is a warning about Toth on this site. I worked for him in 2004 and of course they wanted to sell me their foot pedal..... I didn't buy it so they refused to pay me, saying they didn't think mine was what they required. What? lol I've never been paid for my work.

Toth/AP Med still at it - Linda

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They are still at it. Everything I read here, unfortunately I read after completing 3 weeks of weekend assignments for them in June/July 2013. Now that I told them I would no longer accept assignments, I am getting the verbal/email abuse about owing them $150 for not giving them a two-week notice. Mind you, I have not gotten any pay for any of the completed assignments, and they refused to provide payment information to me. Once I read all of these complaints, I knew I had to get out ASAP. I am glad that I did not continue doing their work for them only to eventually NOT get paid. Now of course he begins to threaten to sue me. I am just going to have to ignore all future emails. Sigh. I guess the silver lining is that I got several weeks of 'practice' as a newbie. Hopefully that giant sucker in the middle of my forehead is not evident to everyone around me.

Toth is just plain MEAN - Typist

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Wow. He really is just a mean guy. I tried working for them for a few weeks. At first I thought he was giving me 'tough love' and pushing me to learn this new career, but I realized that he was really bullying me and he never answered any of my questions about payment. When I started getting suspicious, I found these threads and warnings and told them I would not be doing any more work for them. He responded by telling me that I owed him two weeks of work and if I did not commit to doing that, I would owe him $150 (payable to a PO Box) and that he would sue me and I would be responsible for "breach of contract in our jurisdiction, the setup fee, our attorney fees as well as your own, 2 weeks worth of work you were to normally do would be due, as well as any other costs associated with your not complying with your contract per your agreement". I just cannot reply to him anymore. I know he really does not have a leg to stand on since I completed several assignment without pay. Anything I "owe" him, he can take out of what he owes me. Wow. There really are just plain mean people out there. As soon as I said I wanted out, he turned from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde. Sad.

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