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What does PMI stand for? - db

Posted: Jun 11, 2010

Doctor is dictating a history and physical and says:  "HEART:  PMI is nondisplaced.  Auscultation demonstrates regular rhythm."  What is PMI.  Never heard this one before!

point of maximal impact - icmt

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googled - The point of maximal impact (PMI) is the location on the anterior chest wall where the apex of the heart is felt most strongly.

PMI - db

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Thanks everyone! I couldn't seem to find an explanation anywhere.

I googled "PMI heart" and it came right up!! - nm

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PMI - sm

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point of maximal impulse

From wrongdiagnosis.com
The normal point of maximal impulse, or PMI, should be routinely palpated in all patients during a cardiac examination. The normal PMI lies in the left midclavicular line between the fourth and fifth ribs, and normally is no more than 2ΓΆ€“3 centimeters in diameter. In the normal heart, the PMI represents the apical impulse of the left ventricle. Displacement of the PMI gives clues to the presence of abnormalities of the heart and, when coupled with inspection and auscultation, assists in correct diagnosis.

PMI - JulieBob

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Point of maximum intensity. Guess the crummy AHP course did teach me something!!

point of maximum impulse - elaine

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or maximal impulse

Here is a great medical acronym/abbreviation website for you - MTPockets

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You can put in the abbreviation and it will bring up a list or there is a place to put the meaning of the word and it will bring you the abbreviation/acronym. It is very useful.

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