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Just another vent - About to throw in the towel

Posted: May 09, 2012

I have a full-time position which I honestly can say I love.  However, all things being what they are in this field, I always try to keep my eggs in least 2 baskets "just in case."

I accepted an IC position for a little "mad money" a couple of weeks ago from a company with a pretty decent reputation, "IC" being the operative phrase here.

The TL to whom I have been assigned is driving me batty.  She is constantly wanting to call me with things that could very well be addressed via other means (email or IM), as soon as I sign on to start my shift she PMs me, she calls me at various hours throughout the day and evening (even though she knows I have another full-time position and this is a "part-time" position for me, not to mention the fact I need to sleep at some point).  At this point, I dread even signing on because it seems she is always on and waiting.

To frost that bitter cake, the pay (they have an odd pay scale with 2 different types of lines) is evolving into not anything NEAR what I had anticipated (if I've calculated right for all the hours I have put in, I'm going to have a paycheck that averages out to about $6.89 an hour) and, due to the intricacies of the account I'm on, I'm finding I'm spending more hours per day on this "little IC job" than I spend on my full-time job...for literally HALF the money. 

I turned down 2 other positions with other companies to go with this one and now I'm kind of starting to kick myself. 

I'm so mentally exhausted from this "part-time" position that my production is suffering on my full-time job. 

I'm debating whether to just cut the strings and walk away since I'm only a few weeks into the job and throw caution to the wind and keep all my eggs in just 1 basket (we can put in all the time we want wish to at my full-time position, so conceivably I could do 2-3 more hours at that job and net a lot more than I can putting in these grueling 8 hour plus per day shifts at the part-time job), or whether to stick this one out and hope it turns around.

Being honest with myself, I can't see this other one turning around or getting any better.  I'm fully trained, there are no other short-cuts or other tools I can use to pick up the productoin base just because of the way the reports are set up, and I was so incredibly exhausted last night that I was sitting here trying to do my full-time job with chills, blurry vision and an impenetrable brain fog. 

Ideas, suggestions, advice? 

I strongly suspect just typing that I've answered my own question.  But, here's a question for the more experienced MTs here...As I am on IC status (and I don't see anything in the contract about notice), and since I've been here such a short period of time, would I even have to list this position on my resume or would my just immediately stepping away from the position leave a huge black spot on my record?  I've been here so briefly that, except for the platform experience, I can't imagine wanting to list it on a resume.  I've had excellent QA scores, etc.  I just think not only is this not a good fit, it's like trying to squeeze one's foot into a shoe 4 sizes too small - No matter what you try to do, it just doesn't work, lol!

TIA and thanks for letting me vent...Sometimes writing things down really does clarify them in one's mind.


There shouldn't be any black spot on your resume if you have - 2 jobs. sm

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If you do not want to list the job, don't. I usually do not list jobs that lasted for short periods of time if there is no break in time worked on my resume (unless of course it would be of some benefit to list the job). I would walk away as quickly as possible, give at least some notice though. If you decide to use this on your resume, at least they can say you gave notice.

not a good fit, quit, find another PT IC job. - then you have your 2 baskets

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While you are looking for another IC part-time job, you could up the hours at your main job.

When something that is supposed to add to your income is actually detracting from it, that is a glaring red flag.

I juggled a job and a half for 6 months, and it wore me down even though I had no glaring problems with either of them. When I quit the PT job, my sleep improved, I had more time for "fun" things to balance out your life, and I concentrated better on the one job and worked to increase my line count on it alone. It worked.

I don't think we are meant to work more than 8 hours a day. It stresses us and is an unbalanced way to live, but good luck to you whatever you decide.

eggs and baskets - mt

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First, to your final question-- YOU are the one who creates your resume. You can put on or leave off as you see fit. And for a job you've done for a few weeks, it really isn't resume-worthy, right?

Second, I don't hesitate to tell someone "This isn't working for me." We do this to make money. If you aren't making money, then move on.

Life's too short to spend on stress when you don't need to.

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