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I have to wonder how these companies think we - sm

Posted: Apr 13, 2012

can make it on $15 a day!!  I just started a week ago yesterday and have also run out of work twice.  This is really pathetic.  I know some on here say they would never take such a low paying job (4 for editing and 6 for straight typing).  Had I not been desperate, believe me I would not have either.  I have to wonder what happened.  I know I will get a lot of answers to that question, but why in the world are we the ones getting such lousy pay?  I am seriously considering doing the national MT strike day or whatever it is called I saw on here the other day.  I know if we all did it, we might make a point, but there are some who do have good jobs.  I would really like to know where those jobs are.  I have 16 years of experience in all specialties and I am consistently offered lower pay than when I started working at home!  I would love to find a company that pays per gross line or, even better, by the hour!  That way, if there is no work, we would still get that hourly pay.  From the first second I heard of being paid per 65-char line, I hated the idea.  I wish there was an office or hospital close by so I could apply there.

I hear ya. - mt2

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For what they pay us, they get back in quality. I have 30 years experience. I know my job. But when they do not pay for headers, footers, typing all the cc information in their system etc, I do not stress over this job. I type or edit the report. If I can't understand or find something, I leave blanks and send it off to QA. I am not spending 20 minutes to fix a 3 minute report for lousy 4cpl VR pay.

They need to WAKE UP and pay us a decent wage. I don't give a rat's behind about my job. It is simply that, a job. Not a career. Sweat shops are not careers, they are JOBS.

Exactly!! It is really sad because it is making me - sm

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feel inadequate as an MT, although I have been at this for years and have consistent QA of 98% or higher. I am at that point already with this new job and I hate that. The pay is the only thing about this job that stinks. Everything else is great...dictators, platform, people. :((

we're being ripped off as far as pay. - mt2

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Like pickers. Do you think if they told the pickers "while you're picking those tomatoes, pick any weeds you see too BUT we only pay for the tomatoes."

How far would that go? They would go on strike (which they have before) and the Labor Department and Union were hash it out and they WOULD GET FAIR PAY.
I think farm laborers make more than we do. - MTSOs are just modern-day slavers. nm
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Same here. I'm lucky if I make $40/day before taxes. - They know what I make. I would - sm

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sure like to see the bozos that run my company live for one month on what I make.

And I can't even qualify for food stamps, because I still have a 401K un-funded for YEARS!), that I can't touch until 2020.

America is such an ARMPIT of a country.

Are you only making $40 a day because of no work? - or are the accounts and pay just that bad?

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Oh I have plenty of work! But it's all VR, and it only - pays 3.5 cpl. After you deduct - sm

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all the spaces, headers, footers, and paragraph headings they don't pay for, factor in their clunky software (I could hunt-and-peck on a manual typewriter with one finger faster than that), all their job-description nit-pick madness, and finally, after taxes and SS are taken out, there's only about 65-70% of the $40 left.
Thats just AWFUL!!! do they think you are working - just for the fun of it or what?
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They should be forced to close up shop. I wonder how much the government is really aware of when it comes to these MSTO companies?

Thats gut-wrenching!!! and 3.5 cpl...I'm FLOORED!
I don't think they care at all WHY we work. Just as - long as they make their precious profits. (sm)
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I'm sure they would prefer it if I just got fed up and quit. Then they could hire 2 more Indians, at 1.5 cpl each, and still come out .5 cpl ahead.

And dontcha just love how they keep repeating their little VR work-ethic mantra: "Use those hot keys! Work smarter! Work faster!" (And then, in the next breath, they tell you to slow down and be extra-careful, because they've just added 10 more pages to your account specifications).

May the Bluebird of Happiness fly up all of their noses, and peck out their eyes from inside.
Yeah, they do tell you to work smarter, work faster - and then tell you to slow down...there is
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only so much those hot keys can do at 3 and 4 cpl.
I had a job about 7-8 years ago that paid 9cpl - sm
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that I was doing great at!! I flew on the reports and made very few errors (great dictators and platform). The next thing I know, they are telling me to slow down. WTH?? The only reason I could come up with is that I was making too much money.
Every time I find a way to speed up a little bit, and - make a little bit more money, _sm_
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my job-queue will *mysteriously* start running out of work. I've crunched a few numbers, and have found that it just doesn't even matter anymore whether I type fast or slow, they always seem to tweek the work flow so that I always come out making the same piddly amount of money. B@st*rds.
I am sending letter to Dept of Labor. - mt2
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I suggest everyone does this. I am letting them know about the wages, how we are paid production, how we are NOT paid for typing headers, cc, etc. How we are told to "flex" when no work but work our a$$ off to make THEM look good when there is too much work. How OT really works and sucks.

What MTs need is a Union. I don't know how you do this but you can be damn straight I'm going to find out. With a Union (see the movie Norma Rae) behind you, you are protected.

The only time I've been involved with a Union was waaay back in the late 1970s. I worked as a CNA in a small town nursing home. They started cutting our hours, sending us for for 1/2 day and come back for a couple of hours later. I don't think so. There already was a union (yep I was born a Yankee, been a Rebel for 30 years) so once our complaints were made, bam! our 40 hours were back - 8 hour shift - no go home and come back crap.

Here's Information I Found - Alias
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To help you, here is what I found:

"Most unions in America are aligned with one of two larger umbrella organizations: the AFL-CIO created in 1955, and the Change to Win Federation which split from the AFL-CIO in 2005. Both advocate policies and legislation on behalf of workers in the United States and Canada, and take an active role in politics. The AFL-CIO is especially concerned with global trade issues."

It also said that union workers average 10-30% higher pay than non-union workers.
I just emailed ALF-CIO. - mt2
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Sent a run down of what these MT companies do to us. Also brought up the fact they send work overseas. How is that legal with HIPPA in place? We need someone to help us with fair wages.

If a union wants to help, I'm all for it. I'm tired of being screwed over.
You Go Sister MT!!! - Alias
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Please keep us posted on what you find out.
Post the email address please - Ill fire one off also
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Im approaching from the pay perspective as you had but also from a violation of homeland security by sending private information overseas where Hippa cannot be enforced
I think its HIPAA... - not hippa
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If you are sending off a letter, you should have the terminology correct.
Thanks I did in my email. I was hurrying on here. - mt2
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Go to their website.....sm - mt2
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at the bottom of the page is a Contact Us. I emailed them there. And yes, I used my full real name. Everyone needs to do this. We need some help for fair wages.
This is a large union. - mt2
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I also emailed the Labor Department but that won't get a response. ALF-CIO is union. That's what we need. If the fruit pickers can have a union, then so can MTs.
Who are you - and what do you do
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for a living, that this is a surprise to you?

yes, and then they wonder why we jump ship - someimes its a matter of saving your house SM

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you cannot waste anymore time and the only way you find out is by spending 2 or 4 weeks trying, and that puts you one month behind in the paycheck and bills, one month ahead in frustration.

are you listening Strokes (pun intended KS)

I hope you are still sending out resumes and - only doing that job as a

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temp until you find something better. At 4cpl VR and 6cpl straight typing and on top of that running out of work, that equates to having no job at all.

What are you gonna do with $15 dollars a day? Regardless of what it's like in this industry, surely you can find something better than that.

I really think there ought to be a law against paying people any less than 5cpl because VR is not that great and they know it.

Rates need to be raised across the board to 6cpl for VR with 5 being the bare minimum. I think some companies realize this, as there are a few out there who do pay 5 and some will go as high as 6 depending on experience and accounts etc. I hope you find something.

I think if the Labor Board knew how they arrive at - some of their numbers, there -sm

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WOULD be a law against it! They base everything on their claims that VR will "double our production". It's B.S., and they know it. And WE know it, too. The only ones who don't seem to have a clue are those in charge of enforcing the Labor Code. Maybe if they get enough complaints, someone will get up off their rear end and take a closer look at it. By paying us so, little, and spending most of their payroll on their precious Indian workforce, our own country is getting less in income and business taxes.
The MTSOs win, and all the rest of us lose.

We all need to start flooding the dept of labor - with these horror stories in hopes that

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it will make them aware that they have US citizens working for third world country wages.

This is totally unacceptable and I dont see how the CEO paying 3.5cpl even sleeps at night.
I'd like to see Leslie Stahl asking our CEOs that same - question someday on 60 Minutes.
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You just never know. It COULD happen.
Well I pray it does happen. Something has to give. - No reason anyone should
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have to live under such circumstances. How this has gone unrecognized for so long is beyond me.

Maybe writting or sending emails to the news media would help...I mean anything, something. It's not like it takes a whole lot to get on the news these days.

If they want a real story, check out the MT industry and whats going on here; they would get the story of their lives.

Seriously how many Americans know that their fellow citizens are working for 3 and 4 cents per line? I betcha it's unheard of.
It would be interesting to know how many MTs - currently working for MTSOs are homeless. (sm)
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That would be a great lead-in to the whole story of this godforsaken industry, and the mess MTSOs have made of it.

So hey, MTs! Are any of you doing MT and living in your car? Or at a homeless shelter? Or in a tent underneath a freeway overpass? If so, tell us your stories!

And even if no one in MT has fallen quite that far yet, I wonder how many of us are just one paycheck away from it?
I'm telling you guys the media is the way to go - see msg
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For example, I was watching TV the other night and there was a lady who practically became famous overnight because her apartment complex caught fire.

All because she said "I woke-up in the middle of the night to get a cold pop and I smelled Bar-B-Q" Then she went on to say "Oh Lord, I have bronchitis, I aint got time for this" and she high-tailed it out of there.

So now if something that simple gets a person that much attention, how much MORE attention do you think MTs will get??

I mean this women was alive and well, not a mark on her, but yet all over the news and internet.

Our story is much, much bigger than that.
And by the way, the AHDI or whatever they call - themselves need to be exposed too
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Shame on them for charging MTs to keep credentials when they know their pay is in the toilet.

And what are they doing to help MTs? Absolutely nothing.
Oh, YEAH. I'll bet enough dirt could be dug up on - AHDI to fill a 2-hour broadcast of 60 Minutes. (nm
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When a former employer of mine got investigated - by the Labor Board for back pay - sm
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they owed me, it turns out my little experience with them was just THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. They dug up all sorts of dirt on the owner of that place, and her illegal business deals here, there, and everywhere. She was put out of business. If they can find that much wrongdoing going on at a tiny MTSO back in the early 80's, imagine what they might be able to unearth if they put one of these big, offshoring nationals under the microscope?

I have been close to being homeless so many times - OP
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it is ridiculous. And the stress is really starting to get to me:(
Only living because of a friend's help!! - at 51 years old
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I can certainly relate as well. I'm only able to live in my house because my friend got it with me and she's been paying the rent for almost a year with very little help from me. I pay the groceries and do all the house work but still. I'd be homeless if it wasn't for her. I used to make a decent living but not now. I've been with all the big MTSOs in the last year and a half and not one has lived up to their promise of a good account. Just left KS, and now work a FT and PT job so I'm keeping my fingers crossed again that this might work out. we'll see tho...
Living in a car/homeless shelter/tent - Anonymous
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Anyone living in a car, homeless shelter or tent has more to worry about than MT Stars, don't expect too many responses from people who are truly homeless.
LOL!!!! at the "dont expect too many responses from the homeless" - Sorry, but made me laugh.
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I have a heart for the homeless, but my guess is that they probably wont be on MT stars either.

that post made my stomach hurt from laughing so hard.
dont' be so sure... - wheres_my_job
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public libraries have free computers and homeless people do use them.
In my area, only in 1-hour blocks and I doubt the USB attachments - for foot pedal and headphones would be ok
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Not to mention the fact that one would have to have the company platform on the computer to even consider working there. It might work for some library with wifi for a laptop user. Meh.

I personally enjoyed the other poster's attempt to inject some levity into the convo.
I know someone who lives in his car and has a - laptop - he is online all day long. (NM)
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Just trying to put things into perspective - Anonymous
[ In Reply To ..]
No message
The perspective of MTSO management? - blip
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This is talked about all the time, people - suggesting we do this SM
[ In Reply To ..]
and that to get the reality of our jobs out there, yet it never happens. I think everyone is scared to bring light on this subject because they are afraid they will lose their jobs (myself included BTW) so I am not trying to be mean spirited). It just goes on and on getting worse and worse and we all wish someone else would be the whistleblower.
I will!! I have nothing to lose really. - OP
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It really is ridiculous these pay rates they quote for the work they want and the acct specs for my account are pages long. They need to start paying us what we are worth!!
I'm not afraid of losing my job. - mt2
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What am I going to lose? A few bucks a day?? I can make that working in an office answering phones. See my message above - We need SOMEONE to help us. It's time to bring what these companies are doing to us in the light. If I get an answer, I'll post it here.
Awesome!! I will post anything I find out, as well - OP
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There has to be something we can do!
That's why I'm not afraid to strike, either. What's to - lose? MT isnt a job, its a JOKE.
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Also - isn't it illegal to fire, threaten or harrass employees who want to unionize?
It is illegal...but they'll do it anyway - wheres_my_job
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they don't think they've got anything to lose either.
I've got nothing more to lose, either. If my MTSO - thinks I wont go down without a fight,
[ In Reply To ..]
then they better think again. I WILL write to the Labor Board. And just about everyplace else I can think of.

just re-read that. Re-phrase to "..thinks I'll go down - without a fight." Anyway, U know what I mean.
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Yes, at-home workers are being exploited to the max. - Its time for all that to STOP!!! -nm
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Thanks. Yes I have been sending resumes and testing - sm

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but every company wants to pay me 7-8 cpl for straight and 4-5 for editing.

Well the 8 and 5 are better than 7 and 4. I would - be up in a heartbeat with the

[ In Reply To ..]
first one offering me 5cpl for VR.

Seriously, 7 for straight typing and 4 for editing just wouldn't cut it.

8 cpl wouldn't be so bad if their lousy software - didnt slow us down so much. nm

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I meant to add that there are companies - OP sm

[ In Reply To ..]
that claim they want to hire me...2 I even sent all the paperwork in for...and no word after that!! One specific place that shall remain nameless (for now! LOL) had me test, checked my references and then....crickets!! Nothing!! I emailed them and asked if they got hold of my references and still crickets. Their loss, but I am still needing at least a DECENT job!


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I just did too. Flood them with emails. Maybe someone will help us.

AFL-CIO - Anonymous

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My thoughts on that would be to phone them or send snail mail via certified mail. If they get slammed with e-mail they'll think it's spam and it won't even get read, a lot of it probably doesn't anyway, anyone who receives a lot of e-mail can attest to that. Actually, if I were going to contact a labor union to represent MT, I'd choose the SEIU (Service Employees International Union), they represent nurses and other health care workers, there are quite a few local chapters.
True. Hard-copy snail mail packs more of a punch. - But hey, why not send BOTH?
[ In Reply To ..]

Well that does it. I knew I was not the only one - sm...OP

[ In Reply To ..]
that was going through this, but I just was too depressed at the time to care I guess:( BUT I am going to put together a letter to the dept of labor and ask a few questions. I hope I will get a response, but I will be saying how these wages are ridiculous and I think we are the only people who do not get pay raises every year. I saw on here (I think) where someone said we are supposed to get minimum wage at least, but that is not if you are IC and I am. Ridiculous to call us ICs and still ask a schedule from us!!

Labor Department is part of the government who shipped all jobs overseas - JW

[ In Reply To ..]
Sorry to tell you the Labor Department is part of the federal government and did you know the federal government had everything to do with shipping the jobs overseas. They could care less about anyone. You can blame the damned government for our situation. I am now unemployed and send out resumes by the hundreds it seems and don't get responses. Medical transcription is a thing of the past and we have to start realizing it. In fact America is a thing of the past or soon will be and we will all be living in our cars, mine paid for thank God, but will get very crowded with my cat and her box in there. I am looking very hard to find something out of medical transcription and I think you all should be too. Good Luck!!! BTW, I have done this for 30 years too and can do any specialty out there but they don't seem to want me and really the feeling is mutual with the lousy cruddy pay they offer. Sweatshops!!!!!!!

I think our theme should be this - sm

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We need to bombard our senators and representatives and some sympathetic members of congress that are not even ours with this message: NO hospital, doctor or clinic that accepts government payment for services should be allowed to send work out of the US. Then we will have some leverage with these awful, awful "MTSO's"

The problem is, if ALL Americans don't fight back - against this, someday there may be NO jobs.

[ In Reply To ..]

I know I'd be interested to know, how many of their - recent hires are Americans vs Indians?

[ In Reply To ..]
There must be some way to find that out. And if the number of qualified potential American employees getting hired is low, or close to zero, and the number of Indians or other offshore MTs is high, maybe it's something the US Dept. of Labor would be interested in. I think most of these companies are actively discriminating against American workers. If there's no law against it, then maybe it's time to start lobbying Washington ourselves, and get one passed. I'm sure more American workers, in addition to just MTs, are having the same problem.

I know several computer programmers and computer animators who moved to other countries because they couldn't find work in the U.S.

I just made - $5 an hour

[ In Reply To ..]
for the first 3 hours of my shift. This thread is making me very happy.

Any one have a twitter account? We have to use social media. #MT #MTs #MedicalTranscriptionists #MTSO #Strike #May1,2012.

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