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Dream job - JW

Posted: May 05, 2012

After almost 6 months of being unemployed,I was very lucky this week to find a position that pays an hourly wage. I feel so good about this and it is way more than minimum wage with a company. I want to make this one work out and am very positive about it. It's amazing what knowing what you will make each day can do for your moral. It takes some of the stress off.

Re: Dream job - mtgal1963

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Wow! Congratulations! What company will you be working for?

Yes, but it's probably only temporary..... - sm

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If it's the same company I work for doing data migration, it is just temporary and set to end in October or sooner. Unless, of course, they get another contract, which would be great because it is truly a dream job!

What exactly is data migration? TIA - NM

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Not the same company sm - JW

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No it's not the same company sm. I am told they have a lot of work and if there is no work in my specialty, they will put me in the general pool. It will be straight transcription at first and then move to VR. This is the best offer I have had since I was laid off from my $15.00 p/h job in 2008. I didn't know a job like this existed on the internet. I don't even remember applying for this job. I applied for a lot of them and I think that is one clue in getting a job in this business.

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