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Smoove Rush 11 - anon

Posted: Oct 10, 2011

Anyone ever worked through them? Supposedly a "hiring" agency but I cannot find an actual website for them (even though they list one). Just wondering if anyone has ever used them?

smooverush11 - lkdu

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cannot find anything on them either, but they seem to have quite a few job postings today?

smooverush - longtimemt

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They are also known as RJPC or something like that, if you answer their ad but they send you an EM that you are qualified for their positions and they want 75 dollar to give you any information. Figured it was a rip off and did not respond but now constantly get e-mail telling me I am qualified and to select my payment plan. I would say beware!

"hiring agencies" are paid by the companies that hire you. - Not by you. that, and no website equals scam (NM)

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