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fibrin and slough versus fibrinous slough? - Ky MT

Posted: Sep 11, 2012

Hello, I'm transcribing a wound report and can't tell if the doc is dictating fibrin and slough or fibrinous slough.  From the research I've done on line, it's my understanding that fibrin describes the slough and would therefore be an adjective so I'm leaning towards fibrinous slough.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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....it's "fibrinous slough." I did many, MANY wound reports when I worked on-site as we had a major Wound Care Center at my hospital. I'm not sure how those docs can bear this specialty--some of those wound descriptions are horrible (the poor patients). The docs and caretakers in that area deserve a medal!

Thank you! (see message) - KY MT

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I appreciate the quick response! I'll definitely take your word for it! I agree, wound care would not be my niche. The detailed descriptions of wounds and the smells alone are enough to make me want to skip lunch!

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