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Medication question about dopamine - mt

Posted: Mar 19, 2010

I have a doc who is slurring a bit, but each time she says this she pronounces it differently (she says it about 6 times throughout the dictiation).  I'm hearing "mics", "migs", and "mikes" per kg per minute


Here is a little background:  dopaine started at 4 __/kg per minute.  Patient has low BP, so they increased dopamine to 6 ___/kg per minute.  It's going up and down and they keep adjusting from 6 to 4 to 6, etc,


Does anyone know if it would be mg or mcg or something different.  I'm searching but just not certain.

It is mcg/kg - nm

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I got it - thank you. was 4 mg/kg, then up to 6 mcg/kg - mt

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Had to listen real close, but your message got me thinking that they could be two different things mg and mcg.

Thanks for the little nudge to my brain today. :-)

dopamine dosing in micrograms (mcg/kg per minute) nm - flybye

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ooooohhhh..... I think I might get a message on this - mt - thank you

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I sure wish when they are talking about medication doses they would be more clear. I heard migs, mics, and mikes all through the report.

Well I'm prepared. Thank you for the message. I will remember this next time.

yw...i wish they would be more clear too... sm - flybye

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they may say "migs" and "mikes" and
"mics" all as slang for micrograms or mcg

fyi, this funny symbol for microgram = õg should NOT be used (considered for inclusion in JCAHO DO NOT USE LIST) because it can be confused with milligram (mg)

so, safest bet is to use mcg and confirm the drug's dosing

next time! =)

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