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Dumbest question - ever asked

Posted: Apr 26, 2012

Embarrassed to ask this question...but... In applying for MT positions, some applications have a required field for inserting one's resume. The only option in this field is to select "browse." Clicking on this, and then Desktop, reveals my desktop icons, including my resume. Opening this icon automatically populates the field on the application with the info: C:mynamedesktop...etc. I thought that desktop icons were only shortcuts to my documents and not documents in themselves. It seems to me like I'm opening a window to my hard drive by doing this, but I'm sure that can't be the case. I'm no tech wizard here. Any information is appreciated.

You can put a shortcut to your resume on your - Desktop

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if you want to paste it into the email from there. Otherwise, you will have to browse to your documents (or wherever else your resume resides) to access it for pasting.

Why are you just browsing to Desktop? Is there some reason you cannot get to documents through browse? If that is the case, you'll have to put a shortcut to your resume on the desktop.

Response from OP - sm

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Thanks for your response. I'm not sure I posed my question clearly.

I know how to copy and paste my resume into an e-mail. Most companies won't allow an attachment because opening one could pose a security/virus risk. If I'm responding to an e-mail ad, I would simply paste my resume beneath an introductory statement.

The situation I'm encountering is this: From a prospective employer's website is an application containing perhaps 15 questions. One of the items requests the applicant's resume... this is a one-line required field with the word "browse" next to it. Clicking on "browse" opens my C drive so I can select my resume (which happens to be on my desktop). When I select the desktop icon, the field on the application automatically populates with the following: C:backslash my name backslash desktop backslash ...etc. In other words, it appears to me that the employer would be accessing my PC's hard drive to view my resume. I know that would be ridiculous, but it looks that way to me.

To put it another way, it looks like I'm sending them my icon shortcut. I thought that shortcuts were useful only to the one who owns the computer...not to remote persons.

If I store my resume in "documents" instead of "desktop," would that make a difference?

One company (though I've run into several) is Precyse Solutions. If you access their website and look at the job opportunities, you can see what I'm talking about.

Technically challenged. :(

Is there an option to upload? - Happy MT Robin

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The browse option is where to put the location of the document, but then you upload it and then it actually goes and uploads the document from the location you have specified.

It sounds like you're doing it right, but just leaving out a step. And yes, this allows the uploader to access your hard drive in the location that you have specified.

desktop resume - alias

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The browse option only locates the file where it is stored in your chosen location. It will be uploading the entire document to wherever you are sending it, not just the 'icon' per se. They will have access to the document only, not your entire hard drive. it's the same thing even if it is in "your documents" as opposed to the desktop. It's just a location to find it, is all. don't worry.

Desktop resume - Anon

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yes, you are correct. Store your resume in your Documents file. That will make your life a lot easier. LOL!

I suggest the following: - Anon

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Don't click on Desktop. Go to the drop-down arrow and look for your resume in the file where it is stored, I.E., Documents. Scroll down and locate your resume and click on OPEN. Hope this helps!

From OP - sm

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Thanks to all for your responses. I'll store my updated resume in Documents instead of Desktop.

I knew it was ridiculous to think that a prospective employer could wander around in my computer without permission(not that the content is all that interesting anyway), but it makes sense now. :)

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