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If doc omits the 'mg' designation in a dosage.... - Alyson

Posted: May 04, 2012

....is it acceptable to put it in? or leave it out as per the verbatim rule?

As in "Augmentin 875 p.o." 

I would only type what he says - never add

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I type what they say, unless - Way Tired MT

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...they say mg when it should clearly be mcg. Sometimes they'll say mg when it should be mg/mL, and I leave those blank.

Not me. I add the mg (or whatever it is) - nm

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Why do you add it? - Alyson?

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line padding - nm

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She probably adds it for correctness, but.. - Dictating it is their problem--see msg
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Heck, maybe they purposely eliminate it out so THEY don't have to pay for it. Personally, I leave it out so they can see how stupid it looks and could like like patient can take 5 of the pills, instead of 5 mg.

Don't slam me, I don't consider this critical on the patient end. The read would know right away.

Most employers these days do NOT want us to insert verbage - because of the potential of adding mistakes and

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because it overall slows down processing time. Certainly, if one of us makes a mistake, such as inserting mg for mcg, we have no excuse. I do correct mistakes that are dictated when I'm sure of them (again, mcg for mg, etc.) and insert blanks when attempting corrections would be over my pay grade, but otherwise, as said, it's up to the dictators to decide how complete they wish their reports to be.

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