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Sim 2 catheter? - GA_MT

Posted: Nov 09, 2009

Sim 2 catheter?  SIM, SIMM II?  Can't find anything definitive.  Its being used for a diagnostic cerebral angiogram.  Thanks in advance!

SIM 2 per Medscape - Horski

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After an overnight fast the patient was taken to the cath lab where, under local anesthesia, a venous catheter for drugs and volume infusions and an 8 Fr arterial sheath were placed percutaneously in the right femoral vessels. Intravenous ASA (500 mg) and 70 U/kg body weight of unfractioned heparin were then given to raise the activated clotting time above 200 sec. With a 5 Fr SIM 2 and/or a Judkins right coronary catheter, a 4-vessel angiogram with selective injection in both carotid and vertebral arteries was obtained with digital subtraction only for the intracranial views. Through the lumen of the SIM catheter, a 0.035 in. extra support wire was introduced...

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