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Problems with the up and down arrows - anyone else

Posted: Aug 07, 2012

I have a problem with my up arrow not always working and then if I just go to backspace to the previous line the cursor wont go up to that line just stays on the present line..Does that make sense??  intermittent problem wondering if anyone else is having the problem

I have been having this problem also... - sm

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We are supposed to go to the "help" section on top, then "report problem" and then fill out page as to what is happening. If they dont get enough complaints, they wont fix! Every time it does it, fill this out.

Thanks,,,my CCM has yet to tell me how to report problems - asked couple days ago

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When/If she does answer, Im gonna say nevermind figured it out with the help of another suffering MT..She is a pain in the tail, never acknowledges I am here unless she needs something...So over her, wish I could report her somewhere.

You have to report it on Remedy. - dnr

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The link to Remedy is on the MModal employee site on the righthand side.

User name is the ID number on your check stub. Password is the same that you use for e-mail.

I keep the link on my IE favorites tool bar. It's not the slow process it used to be.

CCM isn't going to bother filing a ticket unless it's affecting her/him.

I was told on the help screen when in DQS7 - maybe either?
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Nobody knows how to do anything at this company!
I reported it by clicking on "help" inside DQ7, but - will also report on Remedy..I figure
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by reporting it in both places it will hopefully get their attention. If I dont see any improvement soon, I am gonna resort to calling them or reporting it in help everday until they do something about it.

We need the arrow up key to work. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Im on DQ 7.1, while its got some nice features, I dont think it was quite ready for use yet and have been tempted to log back into 6.0 and work.
me too.. bring back 6.0! - this one sucks
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I hate it and we should not have to "work around" issues. They should FIX THE ISSUES!
They have got people working on DQ6, DQ7.0 and - DQ7.1. I still have 6 on my
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desktop. They never told us to uninstall it and the IT dept said to leave it there. So I wonder if they would even know if you were working in 6 or 7?
Kind of thought it was through Remedy, thats why i asked - the nonexistent CCM
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