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organosplenomegaly - anon

Posted: Dec 13, 2010

doc is clearly dictating "organosplenomegaly"  Do I leave it or change it???

I would change to organomegaly - but that is me

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organo covers all organs, liver, spleen, kidney; but I have seen people change it to hepatosplenomegaly or just leave it if it is verbatim.

I was told to leave this - Raine59

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I had this same word once and was told to leave it as is. Even though it's not a legitimate word, doctors make up lots of words and as long as it doesn't contradict anything else and it's obvious what it intended, to just leave it.

for the record - anon

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heard back from my quality specialist, or whatever they care being called these days, and she said to leave it, but to cover myself and leave a QC note. I did leave it, without a note, and QA didn't change it. This account is on 100% QA.

could you possibly be hearing - hepatosplenomegaly?

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