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did do - Syd

Posted: May 03, 2012

Need help regarding the word " did do"........ I am little bit confused how and when to use it.


eg., The patient did do exercises this morning.




Syd !




did do - LucySue

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What is the problem that you are having?

Leave it just as it is - sm

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It is correct and appropriate as you have it there.

Can we use it....................... - Syd

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Thnx......but was confused about using it.

Can we use it as a meaning-wise "recent past" just like we are using

"has/have had"

The patient has had pain for the last two days.

Syd !

Grammar - Old MT

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Not sure where you're confused, but unless it's grammatically incorrect, type as dictated.

you can say "the pt did have pain" - is that the question?

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I Agree - You Can Say That-nm
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THnx - Syd
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THnx a lot guys......................

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