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Ti-Cron or Tycron - AJ

Posted: Oct 31, 2009

These two suture materials are listed in Stedman's Medical & Surgical Equipment Words.  This is probably a very old discussion, but are there any clues to help identify which spelling to use?  I am transcribing the fascial closure on a hip replacement surgery.

Ti-Cron is correct nm - Snow Bunny

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Tycron per Stedman's.
Subject: Tycron per Stedman's. x ...

Tycron per Stedman's.
Subject: Tycron per Stedman's. x ...

Ti-Cron vs. Tycron suture
Subject: Ti-Cron vs. Tycron suture I believe it is Ti-Cron but can't find a definite for QA please help ...

Subject: Tycron/Ti-Cron/TiCron/Ticron Does anyone know which is correct, preferred, or difference between these sutures? ...

I believe Tycron.
Subject: I believe Tycron. / ...

Have always used Tycron - Answers

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Tycron or Ti-Cron - AJ

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Thank you.

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