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Gravida 2, s/ paramul - C0

Posted: Apr 15, 2012

Gravida 2, s/l paramul lady ...


Thanks :)

I would go back and listen again - sm

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I think it must be para 2, 1 or 0?

Gravida 2, para ? - Linda Oz

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If she had 2 abortions or 2 miscarriages it is probably "para null"

Thanks. I was thinking nill but that didn't fit. null it is! :) - C0

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Probably para - SH

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The word is almost certainly para. Listen for "para null" perhaps.

Gravida: Number of pregnancies.
Para: Number of deliveries.

Gravida 2 - Nana

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It is usually gravida (times pregnant) para (actual live births) so, it would be gravida 2, para 1 or 2

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