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no work, anyone else have this problem right now? - fed up

Posted: May 03, 2012

Has anyone had low volume on work lately.  We have had such low volume lately that my checks are short.  It has been over a month now.  

You fight all day long to get a job to type.  Then in the evenings there are a few more, but that just means staying up until the middle of the night to get them done.  I would like to know if it is just localized or widespread.  Work on the East coast.   Not that either makes me feel any better.  

My husband wonders if the EMR is the problem or maybe our company has lost accounts and put more people on our account.  Not getting answers when questioning our home office.  

I know that where my mother lives in the middle of the country a University Hospital is planning on being transcription free in less than two years.  Even if their goal is two years, that could still me a few more than that, but they are phasing them out already now.  My mother also says that there are a bunch of small doctor's office and hospitals that have already gone transcription free and it seems to be working for them at the present time.  

Anyone else having low work, no work at the present time?  

No Work - sherry

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Yes...lost a clinic account two years ago due to this very problem. I had transcribed for them for over 13 years. Their goal was to get rid of their own in house transcriptions plus the account I was doing and do everything themselves and it has worked.

I just lost another account last week due to this same issue.

The company I work for told me three years ago that they were getting away from the medical field due to this going on and they have branched out into other areas--anything to do with non-medical.

No work - me too!

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I have been without work for a while and doing other non-MT jobs but hoping to get back to MT soon. I know everything is supposed to be going to EMR and no transcribing but an office I used to work for is likely going to be growing their transcription department instead of closing it because the higher ups just came for a visit and were impressed that they were transcribing directly to the medical record instead of typing and entering it in the medical record another way. That way the doctors are happy because they don't have to do more work and the transcriptionists get to keep their jobs. Now just hoping it happens sooner than later and I can get in on the ground floor and have a full time good job again!

yes, this is pretty typical ... - former wmx

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Remember just a couple months ago they were begging us to do OT? They also did a big hiring push. Now all the new people are on and trained, so the work has thinned out. In the next few months, some new and old people will get frustrated and quit, then the work will get backlogged, they will start begging for OT again, start rehiring, then get too many people, then the work will thin out, then people will start quitting, etc., etc., etc...

It's a never-ending cycle. If they would just hire the correct number of people, trust us to get the job done, offer a more consistent amount of OT (a couple hours a week for anyone who wants it instead of begging for multiple hours so everyone gets burned out), I really think a smaller number of people could manage the backlog.

Reward the people who are consistently doing a good job and get rid of the people who aren't. But that would actually make sense, wouldn't it?

No work also. - anon

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Yes. I also have no work. I think it is due also to the economy. No money equals people cannot go to the doctor to get checked out. I think a lot more people are going to the ER to get care but even then it is not enough to keep the work flowing.

Low on work-sm - JustMe

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I am super busy right now and just got an e-mail that we must work extra hours this weekend! However, this is kinda new to me. I've been doing MT for a long time and constantly low on work.

Buried in work here, California - just me

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Buried in work despite heavy EMR usage in the area, California. There is still work out there. More than likely the MTSO has overhired.

or lost an account - no work

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Either they have over hired or lost accounts and shifted people.
This just gets so old beating your head against the wall. No work until almost 10 PM and then get a few and stay up late to do them and then maybe get one or two during the day. Cannot pay bills this way!!!

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