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Non-MT work - Anon

Posted: Apr 11, 2012

Hello! If you do not mind sharing. I was wondering, other than medical billing, what are other former MTs leaving the MT field for? I am tired of sitting around waiting for jobs and getting paid minimum wage. I need insurance and need to work from home due to living remotely with no employment prospects within a good 60-mile radius. Thank you in advance for any advice you may have. 

Non-MT Work - sprinkle

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I am leaving and going to scoping. It is editing court reporter transcripts.

School! SM - peakgirl

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I have went back to school. After transcribing for 19 years, and still many years left before retirement...I knew I had to make a change. I am going to school for a degree in HIT, preparing for the RHIT exam. All of my school is online through a local college, so it's a good fit. Still have a year to go, though. I thought I'd transcribe until retirement, but it doesn't seem that is going to be the case. :(

Left for coding - Glad I Did

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Would be interested in seeing how many went into billing. Have never seen an MT who did that, but I guess some might.

Paralegal work - JustMe

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I am taking a paralegal course online. It is my understanding that some paralegal work can be done from home by contract work and legal transcription falls under that category, as well. Good luck to all of us!!!

could you give me more information on this - law lover

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I have been dreaming of being a lawer since I was a kid and obviously that ship long ago sailed away, but... I could totally get into paralegal work and legal transcription would be amazing.

So, you just take a paralegal course and thats it? Then you can become a legal transcriptionist?

Unfortunately, legal transcription is off-shored just like ours - sm

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I have done legal transcription of various types for a few years, but have run into the same thing - quite a bit of it is off-shored now. And the pay for work done here is atrocious. One-half cent per word! No spaces! If you do depos, most services want you to be certified. Attorneys don't care what their letters and correspondence come back like - they just want it back right now. I loved the work, but you can't type enough to make a decent living. And the majority of legal typing is done in-house and those jobs rarely come open. Unless you have a solid "in" with an attorney, it's extremely difficult to get them to outsource to you. Trying to get your foot in the door to drop a brochure or resume is just as difficult if not more so than going to a medical office.

I definitely wouldn't take a course in this field either - I thought about it since I have experience, but like I said, if you don't know the HR person in the atty's office, it's next to impossible to get in.

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