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Rezzilant - KAT

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

Yes or No?  Good or bad?

RezZiliant Pros and Cons - anon

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I like the people, very nice. Okay/on-time pay. They are flexible about setting up a schedule. There are some issues. Instead of one document with account specifics, you will get quite a few different documents and have to piece the information together. The software has some glitches that really cut down on productivity. You have to use the mouse for many things. The numbering is quite a mess. You have to click to start a numbered list and then if you start another numbered list later, it will begin at the end of the previous list and you have to click and restart at number 1, then click again to continue numbering so you don't get a list with each item numbered 1. Their autocorrect sometimes doesn't work and you have to back up to make it work. Doesn't always work with punctuation and you again have to back up and take out the punctuation then back up to put in the punctuation. It will not automatically capitalize the first character after a period. There is no hot key for finding physician names, you have to use a mouse. With each report, you have to click on 2 different boxes to see if the dictator needs a faxed or printed copy. A separate box is clicked to send copies.

ew...sounds like a typewriter would be faster, easier. - remember Selectrics with the ball?

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Selectrics - anon

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How about the old Underwoods with the big tape spool on the right side. Used to take me 2 spools to get it right because once you removed the spool all the ribbon would come off.
Talk about old equipment, my first mode of getting transcription was an old Edison record player sys - oldie
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connected to the hospital dictation system. The system would be activated and you would watch a little red record, about the size of a 45, spinning around. Then you would take it and put it in your player, which was run by your thumbs. Surprisingly, it was quite good.
oh my! you do go back. I can remember magnetic belts - anon SM.
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which probably came in replacing the records. This tickles me...I'm not alone out here!

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